Charlotte Smith Studios

All I knew when I saw this pic on Instagram the other day was that if this artist was Southern, I'd be quick to share their work on Sweet Peach. Turns out these pieces are made by the hand of Miss Charlotte Smith and she's right here in my city of Atlanta...

Like many a great artist, Charlotte, who was born and raised in Mississippi, allows the creative process to take the lead, without adding force or push back. She rarely works with a sketch in hand or an end goal in mind. She starts with one thought and then lets the porcelain dictate the next. As Charlotte shared, "I think that this is how my best work has evolved, just through thinking about how one detail will balance the other." 

Her cup collection has a cohesive look but each individual piece has its own personality. Charlotte, "I can change one little detail and it's a completely different cup than the one before." When I asked Charlotte what her intention is with these pieces, she replied, "To make something beautiful that functions well." 

What I love too is how Charlotte stamps each finished piece with these vintage metal letters that once belonged to her grandfather. Charlotte, "He had around 13 dogs and these were the stamps that he used for their dog tags." You'll see one of his old stamp impressions above which includes his name and Mississippi address. What a treasure to have these old stamps passed down from one generation to the next. Peruse the entirety of Charlotte's collection of cups, here. 


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Grandmother's Baking Bowls...

When I think of the holidays, I can't help but think of the kitchen and like many of us, our grandmothers. I just spotted this amazing Grandmother's Baking Bowl set over at the Garden and Gun site and wanted to share. They're a smart and beautiful collaboration between Ashley Leckey Schoenith of IceMilk Aprons in Atlanta and Jeanette Zeis of Portland, Oregon (formerly Atlanta). 

These were inspired by the stacks of mismatched bowls grandmother's seem to always have in the cupboard. Made of vintage white porcelain clay with the added lovely touch of a red imprint laurel design, this set is one to be used, kept, cared for and passed on to the next lucky family member. What a great gift- plus Jeanette is happy to personalize the bowls as each is made to oder. Learn more, here.


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Checking in with Suite One Studio...

It always feels good to watch the careers of your favorite artists as they continue to challenge themselves and grow in their craft. Lindsay Emery of Suite One Studio in Greensboro, North Carolina is one of those artists. She's an incredible talent in ceramics, so when I saw her new pink and gold plates on her Instagram account, I realized it was something special. I had to share...

Lindsay refers to these as supremely glamorous dessert plates and rightly so. The plates are painted with her handmade pink glaze inspired by watercolor paintings- plus the edge of each hand-formed plate is painted with genuine gold. Can't get more glam (and pretty) than that. 


Lindsay, "The glazes I formulate have a natural, flowing variation and they always have. I decided in the last six months or so to really celebrate this variety as the uniqueness that it is. I've begun letting the glazes naturally do what they will without my interference. The watercolor aspect is important to my business because it speaks to a switch in my overall methodology- rather than work against the variety my handmade glazes bring, why not embrace this quality?" 

And after you drool over the pink and gold plates, you can peruse the rest of her lovely wares. This serving platter with a navy brushstroke is Lindsay's modern interpretation of antique silver serveware. Or try the dessert plates and bowls in white and gold for a simple, lovely look. 

What I love is Lindsay's obvious love affair with texture and watercolor. Each piece is one of a kind and perfect in its imperfections. It makes me want to have one of those big, all-white kitchens with open shelving to display each and every one...

Lindsay's splatter bowls and plates are gaining a big fanbase. I just spotted these in this month's Southern Living great is that? I can say with certainty, I can't wait to see what she dreams up next. See the entirety of Lindsay's beautiful collection, here. 


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Handmade Studio TN

If you believe in love at first sight then you may believe in my complete adoration for this platter. At first glance, I was smitten. 

Morgan Williamson discovered her clay obsession in Atlanta and now works out of a collaborative artist space in Nashville, called Fort Houston. It is here that she sculpts, fires and glazes incredible pieces for the home that are simple, beautiful, imperfect. 

Morgan offers three equally gorgeous textures for her ceramics: burlap, smooth or lace. You can choose between three glaze options as well: sand, buttercream or white. All of her pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe and each one is meant to be used, admired. 

What fun to have a dinner party with all of her lovely, sophisticated wares. See the entirety of Morgan's work at her online shop, Handmade Studio TN, here. Maybe you'll fall in love too...


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Bean and Bailey Ceramics

Last week, I popped into one of my favorite shops, Young Blood Gallery and Boutique in Atlanta and co-owner, Rebecca Hanna pointed out a rather lovely new addition to their shop- ceramics by Bean & Bailey. 

I was instantly smitten with their small bud vases, which are modern yet playful - so perfect for displaying a pretty stem or bloom. 

Jessie Bean and Anderson Bailey are the creatives behind Bean & Bailey. Together, in a small studio in Chattanooga, Tennessee, they craft contemporary ceramics. As stated on their site, "We use colored porcelain slip to construct both subtly organic forms as well as faceted vessels inspired by natural crystals and gems." 

Inside Jesse and Anderson's shop you'll find a variety of vases, cups and bowls to choose from. As the pair are constantly playing with new colors and styles, it's fun to check in to see what has inspired them lately...

These Matte Cups are the prettiest of colors and textures. To achieve this look, the inside of the cup is coated in a clear glaze with the outside left unglazed to show off the raw clay body. At $20 each, they are also dishwasher and microwave safe. 

These last cups are actually a whiskey set. They are just under 3" high and are made to sit upon a wooden tray for serving and displaying. This is such a fantastic, original gift for the whiskey lover and it reminds me of how nice it is to discover a shop such as Bean & Bailey that's filled with quality goods for the home that are both thoughtful and functional- plus, unlike anything I've ever seen before. See the entirety of Jesse and Anderson's ever expanding collection, here. 


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mb art studios

I'm in a bit of a hurry this morning as I went to bed at 2am and back up at the crack of dawn to start another day on set. But- I did luckily have some pics saved of some really pretty ceramics that I'd love to share from mb art studios today.  

Mary Burrows is from Austin, Texas and followed her creative passion after too many years inside an office cubicle. Mary, "What woke me up was having a child who didn't fit into the average 'box,' he helped open up my eyes to a whole new world." 

Today, she has let creativity take the lead in her life and passionately crafts all manner of dinnerware and items for the home. Mary, "My grandfather's parents were from Sweden and I seem to gravitate towards modern, Scandinavian design. I love patterns, black and white, color, wood, textiles and imperfection." 

I'm head over heels for this ocean blue and white porcelain plate. Mary, "Black underglaze is swirled onto each piece and reacts in the kiln with our own recipe of a clear, shiny glaze. The result is a deep blue and has a bit of mystery to it." 

It's funny, this plate is so needed on the TV set I'm working on right now. The crazy cast are acting, as expected, off their rocker. Oh lord, too many tales to tell. For now, I'll let this be my mantra for getting through the end of the show. I'm almost there... See all of Mary's truly gorgeous creations, here. 


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B By Brandie

As spring is finally here, I'll soon be having some get togethers on the back porch- which gets me thinking on pretty ways to style a table. I always do a mish mash of vintage and new but these table settings by B by Brandie are a nice alternative too.

Brandie Gehan of Dallas, Texas founded her home accessories line in 2012. It's modern, colorful and made to mix and match. I particularly love her collection of turquoise plates, (includes appetizer, dessert, dinner and charger plates) many of which have a touch of gold. It adds that hint of fun sophistication. 

I like the idea of playing with all these pretty patterns, including the tablecloth. What a great style combination to inspire the rest of us. The gold flatware is a perfect complement too.



Although I have fallen for everything turquoise in her shop, Brandie's collection has so much more to offer. See the entirety of her home goods shop, which includes dinnerware, flatware, vases, candles, glassware and more, here.


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Paper & Clay Studio

I've had the privilege of passing through Memphis, Tennessee a couple of times. The first was when I was driving to Los Angeles from Atlanta, and the second was with work, filming a tv show there for a couple days. It's a city with this wonderful retro feel that I really love- it just feels good whenever I'm there. That may be why I was quick to smile when I saw that these lovely mid-century inspired ceramics are hand made in the heart of Memphis...

Potter, Brit McDaniel is the creator of this lovely line of kitchen friendly creations. Brit, "The concept for my studio was formed from the desire to create handmade utilitarian ceramics with a modern aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian and American mid-century design, each piece is hand thrown and glazed with careful attention to detail." 

Her color choices are especially appealing as each item feels soothing and inviting. I'm not sure how she does that...

To see more of Brit's work, check out her studio, Paper & Clay, here. And you can bet next time I'm passing through Memphis, I'm going to stop and say hey to Brit- in hopes to better know a potter...and better know a town. 


 Photos: Paper & Clay     Content: Sweet Peach


R. Wood Studio Ceramics

The last time I was in Athens, Georgia, I stopped by R. Wood Studio Ceramics. I didn't have my camera with me but I loved walking through the big warehouse that was filled with handmade ceramics...bowls, plates, platters, cups, you name it. And all in colorful hues and uncommon shapes. 

Rebecca Wood started the studio in 1991 and it has grown to be one of the biggest pottery studios in the US. As stated on their site, "Renowned for their luscious colors, simple shapes, and inspired by their southern surroundings, they also produce one-of-a-kind pieces that are sought after by collectors."

Rebecca and a dozen of her trained artists craft the playful pottery using Georgia red clay. Each piece is entirely made by hand, inspired by nature and signed by the artist. Pieces of art indeed...

If you're a potter, this is an amazing place to work. Rebecca encourages an open and collaborative atmosphere. Besides the many made-to-order pieces, her artists can create and sell their own work as well. So next time you're in Athens, may I suggest you take a side trip to R. Wood Studio Ceramics. The door is often wide open, beckoning you inside...


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Owl Creek Ceramics

Like a lot of women, I love dishware. I always want to buy more even though I have no more room in my kitchen. These lovely bowls and plates from Owl Creek Ceramics makes me want to build more cabinets. 

Dyna and John Bailey handcraft and hand paint these colorful ceramics inside their home workshop in Temple, Texas. The ceramics are all food, dishwasher and microwave safe for ease of use. 

These pretty colored bowls may just be my favorite of Dyna and John. At 6" in diameter, each bowl holds 3 cups of liquid. 

These spiral, vertigo vases are too sweet as a grouping of three or just one on your windowsill. They are perfectly shaped for placing a fresh stem from the yard or floral shop. I like the idea of filling them with flowers or stems that complement the color of the vase...too fun. 


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