Anhaica Bag Works

Tallahassee, Florida was once known as the settlement of Anhaica. It's in an area of the panhandle that once belonged to the Apalachee people, one of the most advanced and powerful chiefdoms in Florida. Although times have changed, a hard work ethic can still be found in these parts. Marina Mertz of Anhaica Bag Works lives in Tallahassee where she crafts hand waxed, canvas bicycle bags and backpacks. Sewing and biking are her passions and her care for quality is top notch. 

Not wanting to use commerical beeswax, Marina found a local beekeeper (whose bees produce the wonderful, southern Tupelo honey) and taught herself how to hand wax all of her own canvas. So, with every bag she sells, both in the US and abroad, a bit of the South is shared with the world...I love that. 

The more I read about Marina, the more I want to be her neighbor. She's a special soul who cares deeply for her craft and her community. See all of her handcrafted bags, which include tool rolls, dopp kits, saddle bags and pouches, here. 


Images: Anhaica Bag Works   Content: Sweet Peach