Vessels & Wares

Jeanette Zeis makes her living as a full time potter. And when you see the quality and detail of each piece, you can understand why. I love the style of her salt cellar that is so sweetly feminine. 

Jeanette uses stoneware, a durable white clay that is reminiscent of porcelain but a bit easier to work with. She thinks of her pottery as "clean, bright and utilitarian with a welcoming feel." 

Jeanette loves the focus of attention that her craft demands. As she explains, 'It's such a tactile medium, you have to be fully involved in it and give it all your focus."

Located in the Old Fourth Ward in Atlanta, Jeanette's workspace is just 400 square feet in size. Yet with large windows and white cement, it's an initimate, bright space to relax and get to work. Jeanette grew up in Greer, South Carolina and is a Southern girl at heart. She recounts her childhood as 'definitely Southern, rural, with lots of okra and pimento cheese." She enjoys living in Atlanta and loves how there is a certain honesty about the South. Plus, it doesn't snow or get too cold here. I copy that sentiment...

Her favorite items (and mine too) are her cake stands, which took much time and care to perfect. All her pedestals showcase the attentive detail that each piece demands as well as her signature scalloping or ruffles along the edges.  

Her best sellers are her oh so lovely berry bowls and cupcake stands. These stands are really fun as I like how they celebrate the lone cupcake. 

Another signature of Jeanette's work is her color palette which showcases pastels and the softer shades. Each handcrafted piece takes much care and time to produce. Adding firing, glazing and drying time, it takes an average of 12 days to create each ceramic item that is as functional as it is pretty.

Inspiration is key for any artist. I liked her wall of art and illustrations and took a few pics as she told me how she is inspired by patterns and colors found in daily life -whether that's architectural detailing in a nearby building or the way someone's colors work in their outfit. 

See all of her lovely creations including dessert stands and hanging baskets here. Thanks for letting me peek into your world for a bit Jeanette...such wonderful artistry at every turn...


Photos: Sweet Peach and Jeanette Zeis    Content: Sweet Peach