Yesterday Reclaimed

I always like career stories that start off with, "I needed a change from the corporate world, so..." Usually the story ends with that person taking a risk to follow their passion, to do something that feeds their soul. 

That change of direction happened to the guys behind Yesterday Reclaimed of Culpepper, Virginia. Roque Castro, Curtis T. Hooch, Ryan P. Chachi, Kelsey C & Beth C. have found a common bond in letting go of stressful jobs in exchange for crafting cool stuff on their own terms. Their most popular creation thus far has been the Blue Collar Bench, made from vintage tailgates. 

The team cares deeply about the blood, sweat and tears that helped build this nation and the memory of the blue collar worker lives on through their work. Together, they take iconic American materials from the past and add a modern twist. As they state on their site, "This is a way of living where you get that there's honor in beauty and that the most dishonorable thing you could do is forget where that beauty began." 

Each blue collar bench is a custom hand build utilizing found tailgates, square tubing steel and salvaged barn wood. If you have a specific make of car in mind, contact them and they will do their best to find it. The crew of Yesterday Reclaimed should be proud... They're doing what they love and sharing their passion with the rest of us. All while paying homage to those who came before them. 


Photos: Yesterday Reclaimed     Content: Sweet Peach