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Someday, I want a home with white washed floors and if i'm lucky, some weathered white brick...and if that dream so happens, I'm purchasing these modern and playful hairpin tables from Arrowhead.

Arrowhead is a small craft operation based in Durham, North Carolina. The team produces a multitude of custom pieces using local, native hardwoods and salvaged heart pine. These blocky hairpin swivel stools quickly caught my eye, made of red oak and mild steel. 

Here in the South, we love a good bench and this one is a true piece of art, made of tornado salvaged walnut and a steel base. 

This porch swing is beautifully constructed without even one fastener...just rope and some crafty engineering. To see the entire current collection of handcrafted pieces by Arrowhead, just click here. 


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Mails Woodwork

I'm a sucker for a good bench. The textures and coloring of this one had me at first glance, so I was happy to learn that the craftsman behind this lovely piece of work hails from Greensboro, North Carolina. 

Ryan Mails of Mails Woodwork has had a passion for architecture and woodworking his entire life. He utilizes traditional furniture making methods with tools one may have found on workbenches of the 18th century. Then of course, he adds a modern twist. The Gullwing Bench is a Danish influenced design with a woven cord seat that conforms to the gullwing shap of the frame. 

I have a strong love for this gorgeous slant desk, made from quartersawn walnut. Ryan, "I had the form of the desk in mind for years before I found a way to build it with continuity of vertical grain across the sides. The shape dictated that storage would be accessed by moving the writing surface rather than withdrawing a drawer." 

Ryan primarily works with ash, walnut, red oak- hardwoods from the surrounding forests in the piedmont region of North Carolina. 

This Floating Desk is built from quartersawn red oak, with a hardware-less drawer. There is an expert's hand at work here and these are certainly pieces to be handed down, admired, coveted. Learn more about Ryan's impressive collection, here.


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Rough South Home, Summer 2014

"I'm self taught, stubborn and I won't stop until I like it." That's how Clarke Titus of Rough South Home summed up his relatively new career as a furniture designer and builder. For years, he's gone to salvage yards and forest-free lumber yards and has created some truly incredible pieces of furniture. He's dabbled as a golf pro, a cook and a writer but always came back to his workshop to take something unexpected and turn it into something cool. He just has a knack for it.  

This year, Clarke is hunkering down and trying something new by introducing his first furniture line based on his best designs. The pieces will remain the same, but the materials will shift, depending on what's available. This first batch highlights Eutree eco-friendly white oak with natural oil rubbed steel. 


This table is just stunning in person. It's the Circle Base Dining Table- Clarke's take on a circle base, but with a rectangular stock kerf-cut that is bent and re-welded for texture and sturdiness.

Clarke explains the unusual process in crafting the legs, which was completed by welder, Ben Vass. Clarke, "Each line was cut which then had to be filled with a weld. It's super intricate and it took forever, but it was the only way to make those legs strong and stable with the tools available. I was pumped that I kept pushing that design until it submitted."

What sets Clarke apart from most furniture makers is his obsession with wood grain. He'll spend hours, often days figuring out which cuts go where then pay just as much attention mixing the perfect stain. Clarke, "It's obvious when it's the wrong combination. But when it's right, it's easy and calm. You can't turn a piece into something it's not. It'll feel forced." 

I think my favorite trait in any artist (or person for that matter) is the ability to embrace imperfections. Clarke relishes any changes or mishaps in the wood and lets them shine. In this coffee table, metal was imbedded into the tree causing mineral stains, which in oak, turns the wood to black. Clarke, "You couldn't really use it for flooring (basically it's trash) but I love it. I left the holes so if you look at the table in person and know what you are looking for, you can see the unfilled holes in the middle of those black patches." 

Clarke's Summer 2014 line includes tables, chairs, benches and a light sconce. After this batch, he'll begin another using different domestic hardwoods like walnut, cherry and maple. All wood will be forest-free and hand picked by Clarke himself. 

All the pieces will be hand numbered and signed by Clarke. Although part of a continuous ever-changing line, these creations are one-of-a-kind with a good story to tell. Just ask him. 

This is an exciting time for Clarke. He just introduced his new line of furniture and his first baby is due any day. (His wife, Bryan took these lovely pics) Clarke has poured a lot of his soul into this venture and I'm excited to see where this next path will lead. And as a sidenote, if you're in Atlanta, be sure to pick up the June edition of Atlanta Magazine with an article all about Rough South Home, written by yours truly. Happy Memorial Day Weekend everybody...


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The Bench x60

Last month I came home to find a big cardboard box on my front porch. It was from Patrick Cherix of Jacksonville, Florida. You may remember him from his fabulous chairs I featured earlier this year. Well as much as I love those chairs, this bench is even more incredible, inventive and thoughtfully crafted. 

This stunning piece has that modern look with a little rustic charm, so it's a perfect fit for the South. The best part is it's handcrafted completely in the US, utilizing yellow pine wood from Alabama. 

The Bench x60 will last a lifetime. It's made to withstand heat and humidity, even high winds and rain, so it works great indoors or out. 

I was really impressed on how easy it was to assemble. It took me just 3 minutes to put it all together. Unwrap, align, slide and tighten. Easy peasy...


The Bench x60 comes in various finishes from natural to black. I can't endorse it enough as I've had the bench for over two weeks now and love everything about it. Patrick is also kind enough to offer Sweet Peach readers a big fat discount. It currently retails for $249, but if you type in the code, (all in upper case) "SWEET50" upon checkout, you will receive $50 off and pay just $199. Gotta love that. Plus, there is free shipping until December 21. Such a deal. I hope you partake, or at least leave a comment on his site. Happy weekend...


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Texas; Rustic and Bold  

An original, well made and stylish piece of furniture makes a powerful statement. That's why all men who read Manly Monday need to pay close attention to the work of Tyson Pendergrass and Gable Bostic of Austin, Texas. 

Tyson and Gable of Petrified Design create and craft furniture from refurbished materials. As Tyson shared, "Our pieces go great in anything from a studio loft to a cabin in the woods. Each piece is clean and modern but at the same time, rustic and bold." I particularly like the Tre Bar Stool, available in various woods including pecan, walnut, maple, cypress and cedar.  

This is a great piece- the Gooseneck X coffee table or bench. The wood originally came from the platform of an old gooseneck trailer. 

The JB Bench is made from square telephone poles the guys gathered from the Bostic Ranch in Lampasas, Texas. As stated on their site, "This aged pine has detail you can only find with 100 plus years of Texas sun." 

This gorgeous Plover Desk Lamp is made from black walnut. As Tyson states, it is "joined together by a cross joint and a steel base that brings out the natural tones of the wood while keeping it raw and organic." 

Their cafe table and chairs have a lot of versatility and would work well in an industrial style office or the modern outdoor patio. I don't like meetings much but I wouldn't mind having a get together at this table... 

The Crosspatch Desk is one item Tyson and Gable are particularly excited about, and with good reason. As Tyson shared, "Everything is hand made, down to the crank and the gears, making it a really unique piece." I can't think of a guy who wouldn't appreciate the detail and care that went into this handsome creation. It's a bold and intriguing statement any manly man can make, without ever saying a word...

If you're interested in the Crosspatch desk, please contact Tyson or Gable directly. 

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Petrified Design 

Rocking chairs are easy to love, but perhaps some have a higher love factor than others. Like this one...whose wood derives from a used wine barrel in Central Texas. The curvature of the barrel is carried through in this design, brilliantly crafted by Tyson Pendergrass and Gable Bostic of Petrified Design in the Austin/Hill Country region of Texas. 

If you follow Sweet Peach, you may have noticed that I have a weakness for anything wood and metal. These expertly constructed tables certainly make me a little weak in the knees. Tyson sheds light on he and Gable's aesthetic, "We design furniture with a story and a purpose and love that what we design we haven't seen before. Our furniture can work in the modern city loft or the rustic mountain cabin." 

Residing in the hill country, Tyson adds, "Our designs and construction have a natural Southern feel while keeping clean, modern lines." This bench is a great example of this as he and Gable repurposed this wood from an old Texas ranch and with a keen attention to detail, handcrafted a really stunning piece. I want, I want...

This East Polk Low Lounger stays true to its name as one who reclines here should plan to stay awhile. Think of a sunset, a beer, maybe a second low lounger close by for a is made better with guys like Tyson and Gable around.  


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