Parrott Canvas

I like bags made with a specific lifestyle in this Carpenter's bag made with a removable, covered board to give structure to the bottom. Crafted with wax canvas duck fabric, it's strong and durable, plus it's built to be taken places where it may get wet, dirty, kicked around... do what you will, it can take it. 

The crew at Parrott Canvas, based out of Greenville, North Carolina, have been designing and producing manly totes and bags for over 20 years. These are my favorite of their stylish, functional bags but their shop includes hundreds of options for every carry need. Pick your favorite, here.


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The Man Tote

A couple of days ago, my friend Antonis said he needed help finding a man tote. Something light, easy to fold up but still stylish and masculine. I decided he needed the chambray tote by Charleston based artist, Erik Holmberg of Starkmade.

Erik also crafts a series of more durable totes, both thin and wide. It's a good selection that hopefully can appease the pickiest of male shoppers. His work continues to impress me- as he began his shop by crafting leather goods like this gorgeous Franklin bag, but has since expanded his wares to include an impressive collection of bags, wallets, belts and pocket squares. Check it out for yourself, here. 


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Johnson Benjamin


It's September and the temperatures are starting to drop, there's a breeze back in the air and autumn is moments away. To help prep for the change of season, a new bag is in order. I can't help but have my eye on a couple canvas beauties by Johnson Benjamin in Corinth, Mississippi.

Johnson Benjamin is a small batch production company, with each bag crafted by hand using cotton canvas duck, brass hardware and heavy cotton webbing. There are a plethora of pockets, a canvas lining and adjustable straps. Each one is designed to be a kick around bag, made to be used and abused, joining you on a new adventure...perfect for fall, don't you think? 


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Ceri Hoover Fall 2015

Since I first spied the work of Ceri Hoover in Nashville, Tennessee last year, I've been an avid fan. Taking a break from work yesterday to Instagram, I was all smiles to come upon the announcement of her Fall 2015 collection, just released...  

Rich textures, simple, sophisticated... all mantras for this year's fall collection. Ceri's gorgeous handbags, which she began crafting in 2013, have made quite the impact in a short amount of time, as they're currently sold in over 200 stores nationwide, including her latest big get, Anthropologie. 

She has dozens of fab leather bags to choose from on her site, including totes, clutches and crossbody options. Just click here to see for yourself. Congratulations on your new collection Ceri and happy weekend y'all....


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Checking in with Andover Trask...

I always like to check in with Matt Weaver of Andover Trask in Atlanta to see what he's up to. His collection of handsome totes are meticulously made and can only enhance the everyday look of the modern man. 

Matt continues to expand his collection of high quality totes and bags. Each one is made of durable American canvas and leather handles with thought given to both interior and exterior pockets. Like any good manly accessory, the totes embody a classic, timeless design, meant to be used and a bit abused and shown in plain view. Because compliments ensue...


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It's no secret I'm a sucker for a good leather when I saw this shop mentioned in a Garden and Gun tweet yesterday, I had to delve a bit deeper to see what they were all about. 

Turns out, Matine is a line of leather accessories handmade by Carolyn Misterek in Washington D.C. Carolyn has crafted about two dozen pieces to choose from and each one has a minimal, timeless feel with a good pricepoint. 

The Prima Tote is my favorite. I love how it can be a tote one minute and a chic clutch the next. That's my fit exactly. Check out Carolyn's entire leather shop to find your personal favorite, here.


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Bags by Tweeds

Not that I'm ready for autumn just yet, but looking ahead to the cooler months, I can't imagine a better bag to use, adorn, drool over...

Thomas Wages, the owner of Tweeds, designed these gorgeous messenger and weekender bags made from a mix of full-grain buffalo leather, solid brass hardware and high quality fabrics - like this one, made from Harris Tweed via Scotland. 

Every time I go into the Tweeds shop in Atlanta, I find my way over to these bags and just rub my hand over them slowly- part curiosity, part creepy obsession. This makes me realize this morning, how overdue I am in writing this blog post. Thomas created such a unique and beautiful bag collection available in shop or online. Take a gander, here.


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The Sara Lee Parker Pouch

Ever since I first blogged about Sara Lee Parker's adorable napkins and tea towels, I've been an avid fan. So I loved receiving an email from her last week showcasing a new item in her repertoire... pouches. 

Sara resides in Athens, Georgia with her husband Simon, where together they screen print her fabric designs. These cute pouches, all individually lined in complementary fabric, are made from their off-cuts so every one has its own unique look. 

The prices are good too. This small chicken pouch is $15, the larger fabric pouches featured above are $28. Check out Sara's site to see her expanding textile collection, which includes table runners, cards, prints, aprons and buckets. 


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Checking in with Loyal Stricklin...

Michael Stricklin reminds me of the Mason Shaker boys. Once those guys developed the mason shaker, every time I checked their site after that they would have three new equally amazing products to sell. Same is true when I check in with Michael over at the Loyal Stricklin shop in Opelika, Alabama. He's always making something new, something interesting and manly. Something I want...

Working with leather is Michael's forte. He currently has about a dozen bags for sale in his shop but these two I love for their cool, rustic patina. Each bag is made of Horween leather and stitched by hand. 

The latest creation, the Signature Whiskey Flask, is made of stainless steel and encased in four ounces of hand sewn American Harness leather. The set includes two shot glasses and a funnel and there are four color options for the leather as well. See the entire shop of quality, manly goods, here.  


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Awl Snap Leather Goods

A bag is an important part of our everyday life. It carries all of our important things... we rely on it, bring it everywhere, care for it, depend on it. So taking time to pick the right one makes a lot of sense. One southern bag maker that currently has my rapt attention is Erin McRoberts of Richmond, Virginia... 

At her studio, Awl Snap Leather Goods, Erin and her team of designers and fashion students craft some really beautiful bags for both men and women. Buttery soft leather is sourced throughout the world, including Italy, Mexico and Germany and each handcrafted piece comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

I love the second adjustable leather handle on Erin's Tesser Tote. Why don't more bags have this feature? I want, I want...

And just because it's a really good idea, the team created this fantastic hand stitched leather beer holder with vintage bottle opener. Which reminds me, it's Friday and I'm more than ready for happy hour. Enjoy the weekend y'all...


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Very Fine South

Laura Shope of Very Fine South has a great aesthetic. I first started to see her beautifully made, minimally chic bags around Atlanta spring of last year. Since then, I've been a stalker of sorts, always wondering what she's up to as her work marries high quality with killer design. The cool thing is she just launched a new line and sent over a few pictures to share on Sweet Peach. Introducing the ENSO collection...

Enso is Japanese for 'circle.' As Laura shared, "In Zen Buddhism, the enso symbolizes strenth and elegance. Each piece in the ENSO collection incorporates a full circle in its design. Known for thoughtful simplicity in their design style, Japanese tradition was a naural inspiration of form." The Circle Clutch is made from buttery soft leather, available in six different colors and is fully lined.

Laura wisely subscribes to the 'form follows function' approach to design. As a student at Georgia Tech, she was greatly influenced by the works of Charles & Ray Eames, Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier and Raymond Loewy who were designing to not only fulfill a need, but to do so in a way to bring pleasure and simpliticy into the lives of everyday people. Laura, "The simple and elegant designs that the early mid-century is known for have always made the most sense to me." 

The timeless, classic quality to her pieces that still feel modern is what I love most about her work. I mean, the Cutout Tote, what's not to love? The cutout circular handle allows you you to hold it in your hand or fold it over and slide your wrist through. Dual functionality is always a good thing...

Besides the four pieces in her Enso collection, Laura has a couple limited edition pieces that I just had to share. This includes the stunning Springbok Clutch made from the soft mohawk hair of the South African antelope...or the Deerskin Fringe Clutch made of buttery soft deerskin. They each represent original, handmade works that are truly the show stopper of any outfit. I want, I want, I want... To continue to drool and pine over Laura's goregous works of wearable art , click here.  


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The Knot Bag

As much as I salivate over bags, you would think I have a whole closet full. I do not- but I'm working ever so slowly towards that goal. Next one on my list is the Knot Bag by Elizabeth Suzann of Nashville, Tennessee. 

The Knot Bag is a design achievement in simplicity, offered in both large and small sizes. As shared on Elizabeth's site, "The deerskin leather has a Japanese-inspired origami shape with no buckles, hardware or zippers. Throw in your daily essentials, pull the longer handle through the shorter handle to close and you're on your way." 

Elizabeth is a self taught designer with a passion for crafting thoughtful, minimal items of the highest quality. The Knot Bag is just one small part of her impressive clothing and accessory collection. See it all, here.


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