Johnson Benjamin


It's September and the temperatures are starting to drop, there's a breeze back in the air and autumn is moments away. To help prep for the change of season, a new bag is in order. I can't help but have my eye on a couple canvas beauties by Johnson Benjamin in Corinth, Mississippi.

Johnson Benjamin is a small batch production company, with each bag crafted by hand using cotton canvas duck, brass hardware and heavy cotton webbing. There are a plethora of pockets, a canvas lining and adjustable straps. Each one is designed to be a kick around bag, made to be used and abused, joining you on a new adventure...perfect for fall, don't you think? 


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Anhaica Bag Works

Tallahassee, Florida was once known as the settlement of Anhaica. It's in an area of the panhandle that once belonged to the Apalachee people, one of the most advanced and powerful chiefdoms in Florida. Although times have changed, a hard work ethic can still be found in these parts. Marina Mertz of Anhaica Bag Works lives in Tallahassee where she crafts hand waxed, canvas bicycle bags and backpacks. Sewing and biking are her passions and her care for quality is top notch. 

Not wanting to use commerical beeswax, Marina found a local beekeeper (whose bees produce the wonderful, southern Tupelo honey) and taught herself how to hand wax all of her own canvas. So, with every bag she sells, both in the US and abroad, a bit of the South is shared with the world...I love that. 

The more I read about Marina, the more I want to be her neighbor. She's a special soul who cares deeply for her craft and her community. See all of her handcrafted bags, which include tool rolls, dopp kits, saddle bags and pouches, here. 


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Savage Supply Co.

Last week, I received an email from a guy named Alex Chernopiskiy of Charlotte, NC. Alex wanted to share a Kickstarter project he just started, where his goal is to raise $10,000 to craft a line of canvas and leather goods. I like his style so of course I wanted to share...  

Through his company, Savage Supply Co., Alex and his team has created an impressive first collection of goods. Their handiwork isn't flashy or trendy...but functional and classic, meant to get better lookin' as time passes by. 

Alex, "Our mission is to mix practicality with soul." I think this Knife Roll is a perfect example of that sentiment. It unravels to hold 8 knives, made with oil tanned leather and lined with pig suede. Click here to learn more about the Savage Supply Co. Kickstarter project and please donate if you can. More men and women need to adorn a Savage Supply Co. bag, don't you think? 


The Mifland Rucksack

I can't even tell you how many friends I have over the age of 40, many of them executives and CEO's, who still bring beat up backpacks to work every day. Who takes a guy seriously with a backpack? My thoughts on a perfect upgrade begins with a Mifland Rucksack...

Tobi Egberongbe of Atlanta, Georgia knows style. He's designed over a dozen high quality, leather rucksacks that are each assembled by hand with quality waxed thread stitiching, solid brass and hand picked premium leather. 

These are perfect transition pieces from the standard backpack as they are made to weather the elements but also embody a sophisticated ruggedness. They still got an edge, just not that edge which says "I'm still a teenager." It's a bag for men. 

These American made bags will stand the test of time in both quality and style. Tobi offers so many color variations from bright green and yellow, to camouflage, two tone and worn brown leather. See all the current offerings, here

And if you're a man still dragging a backpack to work, what exactly do you think you're doing? Let's just stop all the nonsense, shall we? Time to be a manly man...


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