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Sweet Peach Sweet Spots ATL 2015

Back from a bit of an extended break (which was a much needed refresher), I'm happy to return to the blog with the release of the next Sweet Peach Sweet Spots paper. This one features Atlanta and Buford Highway. For those of us that live in Atlanta, we often visit Buford Highway knowing a place or two to check out so I hope this comprehensive guide of 25 BuHi Sweet Spots (and 60 Atlanta) entices us all to wander and explore. To view the paper, click the pic above or find the PDF, here. 

As with any creative endeavor, it takes a team. For this paper I have some truly wonderful colleagues and friends to thank. Vanessa Dina is my Design Director of the paper, Sarah Neuburger of The Small Object illustrates, Bob Conquest is key to creating the Design Layout and Zack Ezzo masterfully curated the Buford Highway Sweet Spots. Love these guys....

Here's just a sampling of the Sweet Spots and a wee bit of the Holiday Gift Guide. Just click here to see the latest Sweet Spots paper in its entirety. And Happy Monday, it's good to be back! Return to the blog tomorrow as I begin to share all the fun gifts we can give this holiday season...



Steve McKenzie's

Yesterday, I spent the morning at Steve McKenzie's, a home decor shop on the westside of Atlanta. Owners Steve and Jill McKenzie carry an eclectic and inviting mix of French, mid century modern and southern home decor. They love a mix of styles and textures or as Steve shared, "We only bring in what we believe in."

The space is one large, cozy room and a mix of furniture, textiles, tabletop, stationery and small goods. I personally liked to see all the Southern artists in the shop, including R. Wood StudioColsenKeane, Thimblepress and Rifle Paper Co.  

What's nice is every month, Jill and Steve pick a new Southern artist to showcase their artwork, which is then displayed throughout the space. This month, it's Decatur, Georgia based artist, Ruth Franklin. There are currently over a dozen of her acrylics on canvas and charcoal drawings in the shop to stop and take in- so stunning. 

Steve was a painter for 30 years and still dabbles today, as his entire fabric collection (about 44 different prints now sold throughout the US and Canada) are first all hand painted by him before reproduction. Steve is also an interior designer and lends his expertise for residential design, which has become a major aspect of the business. 

Steve McKenzie's is the largest stocking dealer in the US of Blenko glass and in this space, you'll find all you need for your tabletop. If you or someone you're buying for loves to entertain, this lovely and delightful shop is a fun spot to peruse. And if you're not able to visit in person, no worries, just check out the shop online, here.


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As we approach the chilly months, I think of scarves. And if you love them as much as I, you may already know all about Yokoo. This talented artist is based in Atlanta and has carved out an impressive niche for herself, selling thousands upon thousands of her handcrafted oversized scarves. With a global following and a feature in the NY Times, she's a one person knitting sensation.

Her big, beautiful Soopa scarves are 7' in length and each is made with a soft 80% acrylic and 20% wool yarn. Plus, any of her scarves, whether soopa, infinity or chain, are available in 16 color choices. As her creations are bold and innovative, she often uses stitches she invented herself. 

I love this self portrait, taken by Yokoo. It's a glimpse into who she is, which is meticulous, thoughtful, extraordinary, imaginative. As she often spends 15 hours a day knitting, I'm not sure how she keeps up with her photography, videos and her own clothing line, Mother, but I'm eager to make her my role model. To see Yokoo's current collection of big, cozy scarves for the cold days ahead, click here.


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Charlotte Smith Studios

All I knew when I saw this pic on Instagram the other day was that if this artist was Southern, I'd be quick to share their work on Sweet Peach. Turns out these pieces are made by the hand of Miss Charlotte Smith and she's right here in my city of Atlanta...

Like many a great artist, Charlotte, who was born and raised in Mississippi, allows the creative process to take the lead, without adding force or push back. She rarely works with a sketch in hand or an end goal in mind. She starts with one thought and then lets the porcelain dictate the next. As Charlotte shared, "I think that this is how my best work has evolved, just through thinking about how one detail will balance the other." 

Her cup collection has a cohesive look but each individual piece has its own personality. Charlotte, "I can change one little detail and it's a completely different cup than the one before." When I asked Charlotte what her intention is with these pieces, she replied, "To make something beautiful that functions well." 

What I love too is how Charlotte stamps each finished piece with these vintage metal letters that once belonged to her grandfather. Charlotte, "He had around 13 dogs and these were the stamps that he used for their dog tags." You'll see one of his old stamp impressions above which includes his name and Mississippi address. What a treasure to have these old stamps passed down from one generation to the next. Peruse the entirety of Charlotte's collection of cups, here. 


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Melting Sun Apparel

I don't wear a lot of jewelry but I tend not to leave the house without a necklace or two. Granted, my necklaces are the same 5 or 6 in my repertoire but they're my staples, nonetheless. Finding pretty and unique pieces, such as these by Melting Sun Apparel, reminds me how I can, and should, expand my collection...

Lauren Visconti-Beckett began her line of jewelry inside her Atlanta home in January of 2012. Since that time, her collection (and number of admirers) has grown impressively. Most of Lauren's materials are sourced locally and each necklace is crafted by hand. Her earth friendly materials include bones, clay, shells, wood and beads and she's able to infuse her unique voice into each piece. You can spot a Melting Sun jewelry piece from across the room. That's a good thing. 

Her home workspace is dreamy, to say the least. Stark white and organized, full of light and space...No wonder she is continually inspired. Check out Lauren's entire jewelry collection, here. 


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So Worth Loving...

I could use a hug today so I was happy to be on line this morning and stumble upon this Atlanta based group whose goal is to remind all of us we're So Worth Loving...

An excerpt from their manifesto, "I am worthy of love. I am not defined by my past. I am prepared because of it. While my own voice and others may tell me different, I will lean into the safe people that affirm this way of thinking. When I encourage others to love themselves, I am encouraging them to treat themselves with kindness, patience, respect and all that embodies love." I think I need to get one tee for me and one for every niece and sister. A wearable hug...


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Kristin Mayfield Meredith

Since blogging about Twine and Twig, I've had a thing for bigger and bolder jewelry pieces that embody a natural aesthetic. So, I was a bit head over heels when I spied the lovely work of Atlanta based artist, Kristin Mayfield Meredith, on Instagram. 

Kristen finds beads and accessories that are both new and vintage, sourced locally or as far east as Africa. Her wooden beads are crafted by a wood turner in Vermont. Such lovely pieces, I can't wait to seek them out here in Atlanta but for the rest of y'all, you can check out all of her current work in the online shop...


Images: Kristin Mayfield Meredith    Content: Sweet Peach 



Checking in with Ashley Woodson Bailey...

I continue my avid love affair with Atlanta based artist, Ashley Woodson Bailey. I aspire to have one of her beautiful large size floral prints hung over my bed will happen. I believe it be. 

In her last series, I was attached to her Magnolia print. In Ashley's most recent work, I am privvy to Michelle- a photograph of a white garden rose that Ashley dedicated to her late friend, Michelle Carey Charba.  

I am still awestruck that all of her work is captured and edited with her iPhone. She amazes and inspires me...Keep up with Ashley's ever expanding floral portfolio, here.


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Curious Kathryn

"I had an idea. A big one. To start a business." That's how 9 year old Kathryn Miles Bauer introduces herself on  her website. And I think those three sentences tell you a lot about Kathryn- she's bold, motivated, fearless and with each passing day, more and more business savvy. 

Kathryn lives in Atlanta, Georgia where she recently launched a candle line under her shop name, Curious Kathryn. She currently offers three scents; Very Vanilla, Lavender and Magic Spell. She hopes to add a few new scents soon, including HOTlanta, a mix of cinnamon and peach. 

I was at her home a couple of weeks ago to capture a bit of her process. She is careful, organized and meticulous with every step- from measuring out the wax to melting to the exact right temperature, then adding the neccessary oils... 

Kathryn has a love for fragrances and especially likes how they can instantly put you in a happy mood or a calm mood. When I asked her what her plans are for Curious Kathryn over the next year, she replied, "My plans are super huge. I was thinking of running a mobile cart and I really love to bake and cook so I was thinking I could have a whole stand and business for kids called The Curious Little Bakery.

I particularly love Kathryn's list of top 5 skills needed for business success:  1. Always be confident and persuasive  2 Organize your time and budget to get your company straight  3. Have business meetings  4. Be very persistant  5. Think big and outside the box  6. Always smile, be adorable and act very mature. 

Kathryn currently sells her candles at Made Again in Atlanta and is hoping to add an online shop to her website soon. Her mom, Celeste, pictured above, is the best mom any young entrepreneur could ask for- kind, smart, encouraging. Good entrepreneurs have good role models, which is all the more reason to follow Kathryn on Facebook and Twitter to see what smart and savvy idea she comes up with next. Miss Curious Kathryn is going places...can't you tell? 


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Bags by Tweeds

Not that I'm ready for autumn just yet, but looking ahead to the cooler months, I can't imagine a better bag to use, adorn, drool over...

Thomas Wages, the owner of Tweeds, designed these gorgeous messenger and weekender bags made from a mix of full-grain buffalo leather, solid brass hardware and high quality fabrics - like this one, made from Harris Tweed via Scotland. 

Every time I go into the Tweeds shop in Atlanta, I find my way over to these bags and just rub my hand over them slowly- part curiosity, part creepy obsession. This makes me realize this morning, how overdue I am in writing this blog post. Thomas created such a unique and beautiful bag collection available in shop or online. Take a gander, here.


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