Canopy Studio

I love today's post, as it's a perfect example of how you can add pretty artwork to your home on a budget. These geometric patterns by Kat Webster of Canopy Studio in New Orleans are modern, colorful and super stylish. 

At just $16 a piece, these pieces look great hung by a clip or framed with metal or wood, whatever your desire....

With a masters degree in architecture from Tulane University, Kat has an innate and attuned sense of balance, color and design. Plus, she's in trend. Find all her fabulous geometric prints, here.


Eclectica Kiddo

If you live in Atlanta, you may have stepped inside Seed Factory, one of the loveliest and inspirational kid shops you'll find. And if you look along the walls, you'll notice some artwork that is hard not to fall madly in love with. All the pieces are commissioned and curated by Atlanta based company, Eclectica Kiddo. 

Laura Liatis and Emily Mann have combined their talents to provide the most scrumptious children's decor. Laura, "We are always looking for artists with a unique take on children's art." She added, "We want the imagery to be appealing to both children and design-minded parents: to be on trend without being trendy and cute without being cutesy." I believe that is exactly what they have accomplished. 

Ekaterina Trukhan, an artist originally from Russia who now resides in London, has built her career on children's artwok. Her cheery, playful images are just the sweetest, don't you think? 

Laura and Emily find artists that they want to work with, then challenge them with the task to create images just for children. Many of their artists (except Ekaterina) have never created artwork specifically for children before so together they guide the artist through the process. Kelsey Garrity Riley spent her childhood in Europe but relocated to the US to study at SCAD in Savannah, Georgia. As shared on the site, "Her beautiful watercolor images have a vintage feel with a unique contemporary twist." 

Teagan White has my heart as her work displays her deep affection for the natural world. Laura and Emily loved these images and decided to display them on birch panels, which is a lovely complement to the style and intention of Teagan's work. 

Atlanta based artist, Justine Rubin incorporated her love of collage and poppy colors to create this adorable series of animals for Eclectica Kiddo. This is Justine's first collection of published children's artwork. 

These days, I'm loving vivid color in design which is why I'm head over heels for the work of Abbey Rhodes. As stated on the site, "Abbey's work shows his appreciation for folk art and simplicity in design and pattern." Mr. Cat or Mr. Dog are available in bright blue, green, orange or yellow. 

Laura, "I absolutely love watching the imagery evolve from a conversation with our artist to a sketch, to a inked drawing, to a final image." While Laura, (seated to the right of Emily) brings a long career on the business side of art and art production to help run the operational side, Emily, an artist herself, is integral in the creative and collaboration process. Together, with a strong love for the arts, they make a perfect match. I loved that they saw a niche in the market and filled it with something sweet and cheery- and beautifully designed! Bravo...


Photos: Eclectica Kiddo site     Content: Sweet Peach

Dolan Geiman

Born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, Dolan Geiman has lived and breathed art every day of his life. A hightly sought after artist, Dolan was trained by his mom- a watercolorist, and his father- a storyteller and teacher who worked for the USDA Forest Service. 

Dolan's portfoloio is extensive and impressive to say the least. His artwork has evolved from a folk art tradition, using mediums such as painting, collage, printmaking, sculpture, drawing and assemblege. My personal favorites are his mixed media pieces, that shed light into his love for the wild landscapes of his youth, along with the fading Appalachian culture. 

The majority of the materials he sources are from the South. Dolan finds beauty in salvaged wood and found objects, which includes anything from old engine parts and vintage outdoors magazines to trashed signage and hardware. Combined, they create striking original pieces that are in high demand. 

Dolan began making these silhouette wood cut outs in the summer of 2008, which were received with much fanfare and publicity. I can see why, I want this deer in my home very badly...


Over the years, Dolan has refined his craft and uses visualization to capture his ideas, bypassing sketching all together. This allows him more time to devote to each piece in his workshop and create such a large collection of cool creations. Learn more about Dolan and his incredible handiwork, here. 


Photos: Dolan Geiman       Content: Sweet Peach

Lisa Haddad

I love an art piece that takes you on a mini exploration. You enter into this other world, you feel a certain emotion, your eye is drawn to a certain path, you question what it all may mean... which is what I do each time I look at a painting by Lisa Haddad of Nashville, Tennessee. 

Lisa, "These paintings begin as play- just combining colors the way I did as a child, for fun. Only after settling on the full palette do I start to paint onto the loose, unstretched canvas. Some compositions become tight arrays of shapes, but in the others, shapes fall apart into more chaotic relationships with each other." 

Lisa's impressive collage and mixed media work took shape as a child, when her mother would hand her packagings and pieces of cardboard and ask her to make something out of it. Lisa, "I believed that anything could be viewed or assembled artistically." 

Peruse all of Lisa's mixed media creations, here... and happy exploring. 


Paintings: Lisa Haddad      Content: Sweet Peach