These Are Things

Whenever my guy friends are looking for art for their home or office, I always send them a ton of links in hopes that just one artist catches their eye. Recently I found a new shop to add to my ever growing list, called These are Things. 

Jen Adrian and Omar Noory in Brooklyn have teamed up to create stylish art prints for every state. Of course these aren't just for the men, but these prints are a quick and easy way to add a bit of unique style to a guy's space. As they share, they "design for adventurers, travelers and dreamers."

As shared on their site, "Using simple forms, vintage textures and a touch of humor, we bring complex data and concepts to life through our signature crooked style."

Find all the lovely Southern states here. And if you have some time, peruse Jen & Omar's site to see their city Neighborhood maps, World maps and greeting cards.


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Sarah Watts

I saw the work of illustrator Sarah Watts at the recent Indie Craft Experience in Atlanta and was quickly smitten by her offbeat, charming style. 

Sarah works in pen and ink, as well as watercolor. Sarah, "I love the simplicity of black and white and then I go and change my mind 400 times with color in the computer." 

Sarah draws all sorts of animals and quirky, fabulous characters as well as fanciful things like trees, pianos and ornamental lights. Her first illustrated book is The Tilting House by Tom Llewellyn and you may also notice her work in the recent Food Trucks book published by Random House. 

Much of Sarah's work is Southern inspired, including this fun Ritz in Grits print. Perusing her work, I especially like (and want to have!) her ever expanding collection of fabrics that she designs for Blend Fabrics.  

Most of Sarah's prints are 11" x 14" and are just $20. Such an easy way to make a room more inviting and interesting. Learn more about Sarah Watts here. 


Illustrations: Sarah Watts     Content: Sweet Peach

Spoiled Royal Studio

I'm liking simple and bold art these days...and lots of color. Which is an easy way to sum up why I like today's featured artist, Jessica DuBrava of Spoiled Royal Studio. Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, Jessica is a lifelong crafter with a passion for the graphic arts. As she shares, "I get excited about different textures, shapes, patterns and even the feel of certain types of paper." 

Jessica offers her charming Love Song Birds in any color combo you desire... 

The Ladies and Gentlemen print would be a fun addition to a bathroom (and customized to your own color scheme) while these Floral Peony prints are a happy reminder of the autumn days ahead. There are just so many to choose from...

Good sweet for a kid's room. See the hundreds of prints Jessica offers here- all of which are very well priced (@ $15) and stylishly cool for the room of your choice. They'd work great for dorm rooms or that spot in your home that needs a little sunshine...


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Curious Prints

There's something about science prints that are just so cool. Perhaps that's why I was instantly intrigued when I saw the work and findings of Katie Maye of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

What I really like about her prints, besides their fabulous vintage quality, is how big they are. It's often hard to figure out how to decorate a large wall space, especially for all my male bachelor friends, and one big sized print like this can say so much. All you need to do is find a worn and faded wooden frame at a thrift store or yard sale and you've beaten Anthropologie at their own game...

I really love her vintage anatomy prints which come from a salvaged textbook from the 1500's. As Katie shares, "The pages have been scanned in, cropped and retouched to ensure the highest quality reproduction possible." The original art is by anatomist and physician, Andreas Vesalius who authored one of the most influential books on human anatomy. 

This butterfly and grasshopper print is particularly stunning. 11 x 14 in size, it is a reproduction of an old science plate. 

There are dozens more to peruse on Katie's site, which include vintage ads, comics and circus images. Click here to see them all. 


Photos: Curious Prints   Content: Sweet Peach

It's good to be home...

After three days of travel, I'm finally back in Georgia. It felt so good to walk inside to my little sanctuary yesterday and to see my dogs I've missed so much and relax on my back porch. I can settle back into this Southern life real quickly. So today I want to celebrate the South and the feeling of home sweet home with two new artists I've recently stumbled upon... 

The first is Stephanie Creekmur of Nashville, Tennessee. She's created these lovely works of art that are part of a 15 piece Sweet Southern Charm prints collection. As she states on her site, her shop is "founded by a girl who loves paper, all things Southern and still believes in the handwritten note." 

The prints are offered in various colors in both 8 x 10 or 11 x 14. Visit her site to learn more. I think I need to get that Gimme Some Sugar print for my kitchen. So sweet, right? Click here for a chance to win a free print.  

On the plane yesterday, I grabbed a copy of the NY Times to read the Thursday Home section that is always one of my favorites. I found a blurb written about Mary Dearing Lazarus and Luciana Consonni-Pellizzer, who are the brainchilds behind Caldrea home cleaning products. Well, they've decided to expand their line and follow their other passion of retro souvenir dish towels...

Mary and Luciana recreated the vintage look of tea towels that they love so much to offer state towels that celebrate our home and sense of place. They've completed 28 of the 50 states so far, including the above Southern states. What a great hostess gift - or a gift to ourselves. Why not? Indulge a little... and celebrate how good it feels to be home. 


Photos: Stephanie Creekmur, Vestiges Inc.     Content: Sweet Peach 

April's Flourish Cafe

April Starr of London, Kentucky has a cafe. It has lots of old books, vintage items and pretty art on the wall. It's colorful, inviting and makes you feel good. And it's all online. Her Etsy shop, Flourish Cafe combines April's love for food, art, books and vintage in a way that makes you feel you're actually inside her cozy cafe. You can almost hear the bell ring sweetly as you step inside from the cold...

April loves food. It's obvious from the bevy of prints she's created based on what you'd find on the kitchen counter or in the fridge. I like her pen and ink Garlic illustration-  and as long as I'm not in a tent I think I'd be a happy camper too...Find her ode to an old school camper here. 

April savors that feeling of getting lost in a good book and in response, made these mini prints or bookmarks that showcase her passions. As she shared with me, "I have shelves and shelves of books...vintage books, cookbooks, fiction books, reference books. I love them. So if the saying is true that a 'room without books is like a body without a soul,' then I have very soulful rooms." 

April is always inspired to draw on a rainy day and her four year old daughter often joins her with her own paper and crayons. It's the perfect combination for inspiration. I wonder if it was raining the day she made her adorable I Love You print? April's favorite item in her shop is the Oh for a Book print. She shared, "It is a poem that has a special place in my heart ever since I was a kid." 

These sweetly colored vintage cups are what drew me to April's site. She has a small collection of well curated vintage items for sale in her cafe, which include kitchenware, clothing, accessories and items for the home office. I hope you enjoyed your visit to April's Flourish Cafe...have a good day! 


Photos: Flourish Cafe   Content: Sweet Peach