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American Native  

For some reason, I don't own an apron but I'm a tad obsessed with them. They seem fun and stylish and I want one, I'm just not sure what I'd use it for? Perhaps that idea will come after purchase...I'd like to start with one of these please, made by American Native in Fayetteville, Arkansas. 

Each American Native apron is made with durable Cone Mills 12 oz selvedge denim that will help protect against your next art project or afternoon wood shop session. The aprons all have a wide leather pocket with copper rivets, available in either natural, butterscotch or brown. 

American Native was founded by two brothers, Bobby and Clayton Chamberlain who take great pride in crafting quality goods right here in the USA. See their entire shop, which includes leather bags, belts and wallets, here. 


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I saw my savvy friend, Nan Myers of Firefly this weekend and as usual, I questioned her on all her current favorite product lines. One that she shared was this candle company- simply called, Wax. 

Hand poured and packaged along the Mississippi River in Helena, Arkansas, Wax Candle Company offers a fab selection of manly scents... like Boot, Oak Moss, Lakeside, Smoke Fir, Tobacco Leaf and The Gentleman. And at $18 a jar, there's no reason not to buy two or three. I want...


Images: Wax Candle Co



I hope this past storm was the last of it as I, like many of you, are completely over cold, ice and snow. So, as winter eases in ferocity making way for spring, there will be many manly men out there eager to camp, hike, hunt and fish. And before doing so, may I offer a suggestion. Check out Mollyjogger.     

Mollyjogger is an online shop based in the Ozark Mountains in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The name comes via the original Mollyjogger Fishing and Hunting Club from 1890. In keeping with their adventurous spirit, founder and Ozark Mountain native, Rick Stagner curated a shop of provisions to suit the forests, fields and streams that surround him and his family. Above is a floating knife, a basic red knit cap and a plaid blanket- at once practical and stylish. Gotta love that. 

This is a nice group of goods that include waterproof notebooks, wool blankets and some gorgeous handmade paddles. I especially love the Scrimshaw Knife Kit, based on the American art form, scrimshaw, that began in the late 1700's. While the whalers had plenty of free time at sea, they etched drawings into items available like bones and sperm whale teeth. As Americans traveled west, so did this art form, which was adapted to knives and other utility items. This kit allows you to carve your own images or words into a bone handled pocket knife...

These popular Field Notes come in 3 packs labeled as Ales or Lagers. The color of the Lager books are gold (pilsner), brown (bock) and pale yellow (pale lager) while the Ales books are dark brown (stout), warm red (amber ale) and rusty orange (India pale ale). 

Check out Rick's shop to see his ever growing shop of provisions that blends great style and practicality for the modern outdoorsman. And although spring is not here just yet, we can all start thinking about it, planning for it, dreaming about it. C'mon spring, we're waiting for you...


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The Bourbon & Boots List

If you love to support Southern artists, then you must follow Bourbon & Boots. Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, Bourbon & Boots is the go-to site to buy Southern made and inspired goods from small business owners. I peruse their site at least once a week to see what's new and interesting below the Mason Dixon. Editor, Melissa Tucker was kind enough to share some of her latest favorite finds. These picks have Southern grit and soul. Enjoy...

STATE QUARTER CUFFLINKS, $22. These conversation starting cufflinks make me kind of wish I could wear a suit. Luckily for the ladies, they make rings too. 

JOHNNY CASH NECKLACE, $42. This necklace goes with everything. The combination of Johnny Cash and the reminder to keep a close watch on your heart- well, that's an irresistible combination. 

SILVER BULLET RING, $59. Made of sterling silver with a 9mm Win Luger bullet head holding a clear Swarovski crystal, this little ring has some attitude. Plus, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Wounded Warrier Project. Crafted in Kentucky, what's not to love? 

COPPER SHOT GLASSES, $125. The day these arrived in the office, our eyes lit up. Look how shiny! Oh, and they're surprisingly heavy. We did everything short of cracking open a bottle of whiskey to test them out. What? ...It was noon, y'all. 

FOUR LETTER WORD BRACELET, $25. Racy or sweet, this bracelet is available in the four-letter word of your choosing. Yeah, your mind went a little wild, didn't it? Ours did too. Focus ladies, focus. Some wholesome suggestions: Hope, Love, Y'all.... and some not so sweet. We'll leave that to you, mom might be reading. 

MONOGRAM DOOR HANGER, $30. The old joke is Southerners will monogram anything that sits still long enough and whether you're claiming a dorm room door or a bedroom in your house, this is a lovely way to be defined by your initials. 

BROTHEL TOKEN WISHBONE NECKLACE, $60. My secret is out now. This necklace- made in Milton, Georgia by one half of the Angel Court jewelry operation- is my favorite thing on our site. I can't say I own one yet, or that mom would be entirely proud to see me wearing it, but I think it's perfect in every way.

R RIVETER MILITARY BAGS, from $195. When you spend big money on a high quality handbag, you justify it by considering how long it will last, right? Good things aren't cheap. But this military bag has the added bonus of supporting hard working military spouses in Georgia. Even better.  

MASON JAR LIGHTS, $69. Those white Christmas lights can stay strung up on a Southern porch all year long, that's acceptable. But mason jar lights? Now, THESE have personality.  




Pearce Knives

I like a knife maker who displays their knives on pretty backgrounds. This is the work of Logan Pearce of De Queen, Arizona. He's following in the footsteps of his late grandfather, Perry Pearce, who specialized in making knives and tools out of ordinary objects like wrenches, horseshoes, rebar and railroad spikes. I found Logan via the other day- a great guy's site to add to your bookmarks. 


Heating up metal to high temps in a gas forge or coal fire, Logan forges all of his knives in a traditional manner, crafting each into shape with a hammer. 

The best part is how affordable these knives are, ranging in price from $20-$75. I love a well priced gift that is also one of a kind and beautifully made by hand. 

Logan's most popular knives are made of railroad spikes, which he sells all over the world. He's making his grandpops very proud. See all of Logan's impressive handiwork here.


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Design by Tobi Fairley 

I like this room for many reasons, but particularly because there is so much to take in...yet it's not overload. It's more of an adventurous, balanced design that you can really appreciate and learn from...

The design is by Tobi Fairley of Little Rock, Arkansas. She designs homes all across the country, but particularly here in the South. This is Energy House, part of an energy efficient, showcase home she designed near Hot Springs, Arkansas. I love the wall art, particularly the mismatched frames Tobi found, repaired and painted orange. Tobi, "Rather than being used to frame art, the frames are the art." 

Tobi began her design by choosing the color palette. She reupholstered vintage chairs with vibrant orange linen for a bold, visual impact and used aqua to add softness. 

Since this was an energy efficient home, much of the furniture was upcycled. Tobi, "People are always looking for ways to take older things and make them fresh again. That's a lot of what drove my design for this space." She added, "Nobody else is going to have your grandmother's furniture painted chartreuse. That is going to add so much personality to a space." 

Such an inspirational space. To see more of Tobi's home interior makeovers, peruse her portfolio...

Or check out her newly launched home design shop which includes fabrics, lighting and pillows that embrace lots of scrumptious, vibrant color. 


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Roll and Tumble Press

Christie and Caleb of Little Rock, Arkansas are true artists at heart. With a shared love for design, music, antiquing and letterpress, they have combined their talents into their lovely print shop, Roll and Tumble Press. 

I think my favorite works of theirs are these wonderful big, bold letters. As they share, "These letterpress prints have been printed using large, rare and very old wood type that was used to print vintage circus posters in the 1940's and 50's." I really like how they display them with simple pieces of masking tape. It works. 

The great thing too is these letters are printed on thick paper which is sturdy enough to lean against the wall...or not, your choice. Find the fun and quirky Kissing Booth print here. 

Christie and Caleb's work exudes an obvious passion for their craft. As they share, "We print using traditional letterpress methods, all hand set type and wood blocks from our own illustrations. Each print is hand cranked, one at a time through vintage presses." 

Peruse their shop today if you have a little time. They have dozens of vintage inspired prints to choose from...


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Stacie from Arkansas

Stacie Bloomfield from Fayetteville, Arkansas has some lovely prints and pillows available on her Etsy shop. 

I always like to find a good calendar for the new year and her owl prints are just too sweet. Stacie has a variety of animal prints to admire, just click here to see them all. 

These adorable pillows are made of a soft cotton/linen fabric and each one is hand sewn. As Stacie shares on her site, "I am a wife and mother. I am a bit unorganized. Inspired by fall colors. I love to doodle and sew and watch Gilmore Girls on repeat." See all of her lovely goods here. 



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Retro Prints

Ellen Beeler of Etsy shop, Visuaria in Fayetteville, Arkansas loves art, food and all things retro. I loved the first kitchen inspired print I saw from her shop, as I have many happy memories of my mom dancing in the kitchen. As Ellen says, "I just think dancing in the kitchen is one of life's most pleasurable activities, whether alone or with someone. It's fun and spontaneous and everyone should try it." 

Ellen's cats love to hang out on the backs of chairs- like most cats I imagine. This print colorfully exemplifies their absolute dominion in our households. Ellen also designed this sweet and colorful Eat Colors print, with the intention to help celebrate healthy food. 

I really love the design of her Soup print. In her words, "I love making homemade soups and people are always asking me how to do it and they usually think it's difficult. I made this visual recipe to let them know that it's not hard and that there are many ways to customize the basic recipe to your tastes." I like the visual simplicity of this as it caters to my not so refined culinary side...

Cultivate is a great word and even better when visually interpreted in this lovely print. Ellen shares her thoughts, "I love the simplicity of this design and the way it can be interpreted many ways- from a gardening print to an inspirational print. To me it means nurturing all the many areas of my life that I want to develop." See all of her smile inducing, retro prints here. Thanks Ellen...


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I'm hungry...

As soon as I saw these S'mores in a jar, I got really hungry. Doesn't this look amazing? Head chef and creator, Tookie Glossip describes her food items as "good, honest, well made delectables." This is the S'mores Bar Cookie Jar with Chocolate Ganache and Marshmallow Buttercreme frosting. The idea came about after she wanted to send a homemade gift to her husband while he was serving in Iraq. Lucky for him and now...lucky for us! 

Based in Arkansas you can bet on some real southern recipes in Tookie's shop. I love her cookie-wiches, which came to be after realizing her and her family love to dip cookies in frosting, so why not combine the two? The Red Velvet cookie-wich or Jar Cake looks amazing. Chocolate Chip ganache cookie-wich or the Jar Cake with Buttercreme Frosting can satisfy any chocolate craving, and then some...

With older brothers, I used to be a tom boy as a kid. But the older I get, the more I love the color pink. Wouldn't these Pink Velvet buttercremes look beautiful to serve atop a vintage tablecloth with pretty glasses and plates?

And I don't care how old you get, the cookie-wich is something to appreciate. Tookie and her son came up with the array of scrumptious flavors. Click here for the Cheery Confetti or here for the Green Velvet chocolate ganache. 

Living in the South, Tookie savors the style of "more sweets, more butter and generous portions." Nothing says generous better than her S'more ganache cookie-wich, made via her homemade graham cracker recipe and "ganache and frosting oozing out the sides." The Chocolate Chip buttercreme is a classic goodie as well.  

This is a Perfectly Pumpkin Creme Cookie-wich. Using an old fashioned cake recipe and her own signature vanilla buttercream frosting, the final result is nothing short of heaven. All her cookie-wiches come "packaged individually in wax paper in cute bakery boxes with a decorative ribbon and gift card." I can't think of receiving anything more perfect and pleasing in the mail than this.


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