Prospector Co.

The Prospector Co. is a good find. They make all manner of face and skin care products for the modern man- from the close shaven and the scruffy to the full bearded. They are based in Savannah, Georgia and what I love most is that their products are, "free of any additives, artificial fragrances or colorings and the all natural ingredients are blended and packaged by hand in small batches." Plus, you just gotta love their simple, handsome packaging and design...

All of their quality products are named after prolific people, places or things. This Burroughs Beard Oil has a woodsy, earthy scent, perfect for the rugged, outdoor type. It's aptly named after American naturalist and essayist, John Burroughs who once wrote, "We readily attribute some extra virtue to those persons who voluntarily embrace solitude, who live alone in the country or in the woods, or in the mountains and find life sweet..." 

The K.C. Atwood Aftershave is named after America's citrus pioneer, Kimball Chase Atwood. For this invigorating concoction, grapefruit and sweet orange are combined with witch hazel, aloe, sandlewood, lime and coriander. Their second offering is the uber manly Perry and Henson Aftershave, named after Robert E. Peary and Matthew Henson, who in 1909, were the first explorers to reach the North Pole. Their rugged nature and deep desire for adventure and exploration makes them an excellent namesake. The color is arctic blue and its scent of bay leaf and coriander mix refreshingly well with witch hazel, cedar water and aloe. 

Beau Brummell was born in 1778 and as stated on Wikipedia, is credited with "introducing and establishing as fashion the modern man's suit, worn with a tie." This Shave Creme has been perfected over time and as Brummell would admire, it deeply enhances a man's grooming experience. As stated on the Prospector Co. site, its "all-natural composition of ingredients, from fatty butters to organic argan oil, makes for a very rich and smooth shave." 

These light, manly scents were created using an age old perfumer's technique. Cedar St. Tavern, (where prolific writers, painters and musicians once regularly congregated in Greenwich Village) has scents of patchouli, oak moss, tonka bean and lavender. Gabardine 1879, (a classic fabric by the same name) is a mix of oak moss, tonka bean, pettigrain and other pure essential oils. 

I like this product idea. The Pugilist Rag Soak is inspired by the rough and tumble pugilists of the 1800's who "used clinched fists and spiteful tongues to get what they wanted, inside and outside the ring." Inspired by the smelling salts that helped them rebound after a tough battle, this mixture delivers a powerful yet calming punch. As recommended on their site, "Use on a warm rag for an extra relaxing pre-shave pore softener or at a hard day's end." 

To get the full Prospector Co. experience, may I suggest the Tester Vials Kit. Inside this cute tin, I mean manly tin, you'll find smaller doses of all of Prospector's popular shaving products. See all of their fabulous shaving and skin care goods for the modern man here....and happy Manly Monday. 


Photos: Prospector Co.   Content: Sweet Peach