Andy Cruz @ Home

House Industries founder, Andy Cruz has created a home to admire and envy. Although Andy believes in a clean, modern aesthetic, his space feels lived in and inviting. Many of his furnishings include vintage Herman Miller and Knoll. 

House Industries is based in Yorklyn, Delaware. Over the years, Andy and his team have made a considerable impact on design, crafting fonts that we now see in ads, billboards, greeting cards and product lines. They've also designed objects for the home which include tea towels, blocks, dolls and prints. Andy's dining room has proven a good testing ground for displaying new wares...

As Andy is in the business of creating fonts, it's no surprise to see various ampersands and letters throughout the home. The hand carved carp was found at a flea market in Japan. 

This lovely chair is an art piece in itself, designed by Alexander Girard for Herman Miller. 

Such a fabulous home... Learn more about House Industries and Andy Cruz here.


Photos: Sarah Williams     Content: Sweet Peach