Katherine Sandoz

Katherine Sandoz resides in Vernonburg, Georgia, about 10 miles south of Savannah. It is here, along the lush, meandering Southern coastline, that she finds inspiration for her abstract paintings- from flowers and trees to all manner of shapes, colors and textures that speak to her everyday life. 

Katherine often begins by taking photos of objects, landscapes or people that inspire. As she shares, "I paint a series of small detailed works from a selected grouping of my photo library. With old magazines, I might make quick collage studies to begin to understand and see the location in a more abstract manner. Then I will start another more abstract series working from both the detailed works and the collages." 

Acrylics and water based media are Katherine's go-to tools but she is open to using fabric, paper, found objects, oil and water colors as well. Katherine, "The media itself tells a story so it's important for me to use materials that are on concept." 

Color choice is obviously a big part of Katherine's process as well. As she shared, "I'm concerned with its temperature, its saturation, its proximity to other colors, shapes and textures." 

Many of Katherine's paintings feel wholly Southern to me. When I asked her what she loved about the South, she made me smile wide with her varied yet visual list; "Southern writers, story telling, little boats in back rivers and swamps, Cajun and Zydeco music, dirt and 'shell' roads lined with trees of any kind, camellias...

...women who have one set of silver buried in their back or front yard, men who stand up at tables and open doors, 'yes m'aam'..." I concur on all counts, adding one more thing to love about the South... artists like Katherine. See all of her lovely, inspiring work here.