Gifts of Indigo...for the men

Indigo seems to be the impact color this year. It's rich, earthy, enticing and it sprung up in all manner of gifts for the guys this year. This mix of items above I found over at the Stag Provisions shop in Austin, Texas. 

From top left: Tweeds floral pocket square, $40. The Hill-Side indigo bow tie, $85. Appointed Workbook, $24. Billy Reid chevron tie, $125. Sid Mashburn scarf, $85. Mifland Rucksack, $415. 

More gifts to impress include Sid Mashburn cashmere sweater, $475. Herringblone blanket, $420. Indigo dopp kit, $51. Imogene + Willie jeans, $235. Indigo catch all, $150. Anchor Bracelet, $31. Oak Street Loafers, $325.  


Textures and Layers

Bags by Tweeds

Not that I'm ready for autumn just yet, but looking ahead to the cooler months, I can't imagine a better bag to use, adorn, drool over...

Thomas Wages, the owner of Tweeds, designed these gorgeous messenger and weekender bags made from a mix of full-grain buffalo leather, solid brass hardware and high quality fabrics - like this one, made from Harris Tweed via Scotland. 

Every time I go into the Tweeds shop in Atlanta, I find my way over to these bags and just rub my hand over them slowly- part curiosity, part creepy obsession. This makes me realize this morning, how overdue I am in writing this blog post. Thomas created such a unique and beautiful bag collection available in shop or online. Take a gander, here.


Images: Tweeds Shop       Content: Sweet Peach

Johnny Porter

My friend Thomas over at Tweeds recently posted an Instagram photo of a new candle line he carries and I was immediately intrigued. Johnny Porter candles, based in Orange County, Virginia, are a collection of manly scents like Honey Maple Bourbon, Pine Camp and Winter Run Spruce. Maybe I'm a bit too easy, but just like that, I'm a fan. 

All of the candles are hand poured into recycled containers and utilize soy wax from American soybean farmers. The nine different scented candles are also well priced at $16. Check em all out, here. 


Images:    Content: Sweet Peach

The Sweet Peach Chambray Shirt

I feel flattered, grateful. That's the best way to describe my reaction to a recent phone call I received from Thomas Wages of TWEEDS, who created a new shirt for women with the Sweet Peach blog in mind. 

Thomas decided to use a peach colored fabric he really liked and create another version of his popular The Guy Shirt for women, which he released this summer. This shirt, named The Sweet Peach Chambray, is 100% cotton, made in the USA with a tailored fit and elbow patches. It's a very limited run of shirts available in store only. 

Shanna Kenyon of nearby Crafted Westside (one of my favorite new shops) was gracious enough to model the shirt for us and she quickly fell head over heels for it. It's stylish, cozy and just an all around fabulous shirt, if I do say so myself. 

The Sweet Peach Chambray joins the other Guy Shirts for women which TWEEDS recently launched to much fanfare and adulation (this photo via Southern Living). These gorgeous ginghams- in blue, navy, pink or red are available in store and online. Thank you Thomas, I'm flattered, grateful. I like it when you're inspired...


Photos: Sweet Peach; Final photo: Robbie Canponeto for Southern Living     Content: Sweet Peach


Tweeds is the kind of shop that grabs your attention the moment you walk inside. All the offerings are desirable, distinctive and beautifully made. And it all makes sense when you meet the owner, Thomas Wages, who epitomizes style and class. 

The 2300 square foot space, located on the west side of Atlanta (that was once a horse stable), is open and welcoming. The shop has ample space to meander, with couches and chairs to relax on, plus a steady rotation of great tunes playing. And for us home decor lovers, everything inside the store is for sale- including all the tables, props and display pieces. Thomas, "The whole store is a living breathing thing that's always evolving." 

Tweeds is filled with men's apparel and provisions handmade by small craft companies from across the globe. And yes, that is an Andover Trask bag I spot... 

I quickly became a fan of the luxury boxers, Royal Highnies. According to the makers from Flintstone, Georgia, these are handmade, "including a spacious ballroom with full seating and a sturdy front entrance so that no one slips out unexpectedly." The blanket and strap come via Yellow 108 in Los Angeles and the attractive leather belts are part of their ever expanding Tweeds line...

One of the top two reasons to shop at Tweeds is for their hand stitched suits. Thomas, "Our handmade suits are a third to a half the price of our competitors." The handsome Tweeds brand suit sells for $895.

The second top reason men seek out Tweeds is for their shirts. They have a nice selection from Ernest Alexander of New York as well as the recent introduction of their own line. 

Thomas showed me a couple special features, including their split placket across the back which allows the shirt to hang better on the shoulders. The quality of their material is superb- plus they add elbow patches, which I can't help but love. 

I love to walk into Tweeds to see what their latest offerings are - and always to see Thomas who is a pure pleasure to hang out with. He promises big changes this coming year, including his own denim line, more shirts, pants and provisions under the Tweeds label as well as an expansion of their store...and some more things that they were keeping mysteriously mum. I'm sure whatever shenanigans he's up to, it will be worth the wait...

Check out the entire Tweeds shop, here.


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach

Holiday Gift Picks via Andover Trask

Matt Weaver of Andover Trask can do no wrong. At least in my eyes. His classic, meticulous canvas and leather bags are pieces to use and abuse and covet for years to come. I always love to check out his site to see what he's up to next. So when he shared his favorite picks for holiday gifts with Sweet Peach, I was a rapt audience. See all the goodness yourself...

1. DRAM HANGOVER TONIC, $18. Tis the season for holiday parties, which means it's a perfect time for Dram Apothecary's Hair of the Dog Hangover Tonic. 

2. THE STANDARD BAG, $175.  ...And a sturdy solution for carrying libations to the aforementioned holiday parties: the Andover Trask Standard Bag.  

3. PEWTER JIGGER, $95. Achieve the perfect pour with this handsome jigger from New York based Kaufmann Mercantile (I think there's a theme going here). 

4. PORCELAIN ANTLER, $43. Honeycomb Studio is where it's at. Their antler series is indescribably beautiful, and now is the time to get in on the action; Southern Living just ran a feature that is alerting the world to this Atlanta treasure.  

5. MUGS, $32. I'll take my Christmas morning coffee in this please: The Best Made Co. enamelware mugs.  

6. OLD TRY PRINT, $40. This Old Try print is emblazoned with the coordinates of the Mason Dixon. Hang it on your wall and then regale visitors with the legend of Cooter Brown (look it up). 

7. PECAN PIE, $32. It's not Christmas without a little pecan pie. And in the South, we add bourbon. Nobody in Atlanta does it like Pie Shop. 

8. GUNNER AND LUX JEWELRY, starting at $50. Gunner and Lux jewelry is handcrafted by Atlanta creative John Petersen. His stunning designs are classic and edgy, and surprisingly affordable. 

9. ST. GEORGE GIN, $33. Julia Child attributed her longevity to red meat and gin. That's reason enough to keep a bottle of St. George Terroir on hand.

10. ANCHOR TIE CLIP, $20. The Block & Hammer anchor tie clip, hand stamped in Atlanta. Very dapper indeed. 

11. TWEEDS ACCESSORIES, starting at $80. Tweeds Shop on Atlanta's Westside is a brilliantly curated collection of fine goods you really can't get anywhere else in the South. A few of my favorites: The Calder Blue Workshirt, $115, Tucker Camo Dopp Kit, $95, Timex with kelly green leather band, $80. 

12. MUSIC, starting at $10. And because I still use the CD player in my car...Music! Right now I'm into The Head and the Heart and Camera Obscura.