The Tiny Finch

Certain pieces of art just resonate instantly with me, invoking a longing to buy and bring home. Like this Longhorn, made with recycled wood. If you find yourself in San Antonio, Texas anytime soon, you may get the same feeling when you step into The Tiny Finch shop and see it upon the wall...

The Tiny Finch is a lifestyle shop owned by native Texan, Courtney Beauchamp. She curates a thoughtful mix of well designed items for the home that all feel like original finds, with a natural, bohemian flair. Home decor items come from artists local to Texas to those based far across the globe. 

This is a shop I can get lost in for a bit as Courtney also curates a unique and lovely selection of jewelry, clothing, furniture and rugs. 

A sucker for textiles, I'm drawn to Courtney's expert curation. Inside her shop, you'll find handwoven Bolivian blankets, pillows made from vintage fabrics, cotton and silk napkins from Ethiopia and linen tea towels from Japan. There's a good chance you've never laid eyes on any of these items before. I love that. 

Luckily, if you're not planning to be in San Antonio anytime soon, you can still experience The Tiny Finch online. Explore the shop, here. 


Images: The Tiny Finch      Content: Sweet Peach