Peach Picks: Matt Weaver

Matt Weaver has good style. Impeccable style, actually. So I was thrilled that he decided to share his holiday picks with Sweet Peach for a second year in a row. At Andover Trask, Matt is known for his timeless, classic bag designs and I can't help but gush over each and every one. My new favorite, Knox, is featured here. I want, I want, I want... just like everything else on his list. Enjoy!

1. Bulleit Kentucky Bourbon, from $24.   2. Bittermilk Old Fashioned Mix, $15.    
3. Radio Roasters Coffee, from $12   4. Classic Copper Cups, $90.   5. A Great Bottle Opener, from $10.   6. Catherine Jones Artwork, from $100.   7. Apothecary Bottles from Honeycomb Studio, from $13.99   8. Preserving Place Sweet Onion Confit, $15.   9. Peppermint Bark from Olive & Sinclair, $16.99   10. Pamplemousee and Bois Candle from Townhouse (425 Peachtree Hills Ave, Suite 32, Atlanta  
11. Knox Bag from Andover Trask, $195. 


Top Illustration: Rob Wilson, Silas Tom. Pics from respective artists    Content: Sweet Peach/ Matt Weaver