The Geekerie

I've had many guy friends ask for advice on artwork for their home or office and I tend to have a running list of interesting artists and shops in my head. Christian Peterson of Columbia, South Carolina has now officially been added to my brain. He recently created Table of Thrones, after my all time favorite tv show, Game of Thrones. The inventive periodic table print cleverly breaks down all seven kingdoms and details which members are still alive and which, sadly so, are no longer...

Christian aptly calls his shop The Geekerie, as it's full of tech, scifi, film and fantasy prints- including a bunch of heroes and villains many a nerd may love. I particularly like the style and vibe of Christian's planetary prints. The pretty blue of Neptune offers a nice pop of color that can easily enhance a man's space. 

Christian has hundreds of prints to choose from, many of which are from iconic films of years past. If a guy must show his love for Star Wars, he may as well do so in a stylish way. (You'll find 28 options for the hardcare fan.)

No excuse for owning a lame poster anymore (that should of been thrown out after college). Peruse the entirety of The Geekerie shop, here.


Illustrations: Christian Peterson      Content: Sweet Peach