The Lulie Wallace Lunchbox

It's been a long while since I've had a lunchbox but after seeing the recent beautifully designed boxes by Charleston artist, Lulie Wallace, I want one. Just like this. 

Lulie created her own lunchbox out of need. She brings her lunch to the studio every day so she figured, why not make it stylish? You may remember Lulie from her gorgeous paintings, which I blogged about a couple years I'm happy she's found new and functional uses for her pretty designs. Pick your favorite, here


The Man Tote

A couple of days ago, my friend Antonis said he needed help finding a man tote. Something light, easy to fold up but still stylish and masculine. I decided he needed the chambray tote by Charleston based artist, Erik Holmberg of Starkmade.

Erik also crafts a series of more durable totes, both thin and wide. It's a good selection that hopefully can appease the pickiest of male shoppers. His work continues to impress me- as he began his shop by crafting leather goods like this gorgeous Franklin bag, but has since expanded his wares to include an impressive collection of bags, wallets, belts and pocket squares. Check it out for yourself, here. 


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We Took to the Woods

When my friend Nan of Firefly in Thomasville, Georgia speaks highly of a new product in her shop, I listen. She has superior taste. Which is why I can't wait to try one of these We Took to the Woods candles, per her suggestion. They're earthy and cozy- perfect for today actually. It's the first day of fall. 

We Took to the Woods is a wonderful home decor shop in Greenville, South Carolina. Their latest foray into candles has been a success. The Alpine Cottage candle is described as flowers blooming by the steps of the porch, with tea rose in the air and In the Glen is reminscent of freshly chopped logs by the cabin with cedarwood and pine predominant. I think I need to try Meet Me in the Meadow as fig, bergamot, white tea leaves, jasmine, sweet heliotrope and sandlewood are mixed for a lovely, fresh scent. See the entire candle line, available in glass or bark containers, here. And enjoy the first day of fall, y'all...


42 Pressed

As a curator of maps myself, I'm always on the lookout for creative and artistic interpretations of cities and locales. Last week I spied this beauty by Jackie Hall Robinson of 42 Pressed in Charleston and had to learn a bit more...

The sleek and distinctive letterpress map (with shiny gold foil) divides the Charleston peninsula into its various neigbhborhoods. As Jackie has shared, she loves "clean lines, simple yet impactful design along with the hint of the unexpected." 

And why stop at just Charleston? Jackie's popular prints also include nearby East Cooper and the Sea Islands, a few islands off the Charleston county coast. Just lovely...


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Kate Waddell

Someday when I have a new place with lots of natural light (I barely have any now, sadly) I aspire to own some colorful art that matches the happy feeling I get when streams of light fill my home. So, I think the first order of business will be to buy a painting by Charleston based artist, Kate Waddell.

Kate was born and raised in Columbus, Georgia before moving to Charleston for college and calling it her home. I love her distinctive broad stroke paintings in acrylic and gauche. Subjects range from animals and still lifes to nudes and portraits - she's such a talented one. 

If you're in Charleston tonight, (Thursday, May 7) head over to Candlefish at 71 Wentworth Street for her art show from 6-9pm. I wish I could be there to see her work in person, but someday soon is the hope, when the natural light comes streaming in...


Rose and Twill...

After spending much of last week in Charleston, South Carolina, I was happy to discover some local, new artists to blog about on Sweet Peach- one of which is Caitlin Pape of Rose + Twill. 

With a love for graphic design and crafting, Caitlin has found a nice niche for herself. Her vibrant colored quilts are beautifully thought out and executed. I love her aesthetic, as each and every fabric combination seems spot on, don't you think? 

All of Caitlin's quilts are heirloom quality and machine washable, plus she'd be happy to make a custom one of your liking. Just drop her a line, here. 


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In Charleston, South Carolina, you'll find a small group of skaters and artists who handcraft skateboards and longboards to admire and wish for...

Each board made at Locomotiv is made from a high quality hard maple and carved with a unique design for extra style and grip. On all the boards, you can also customize the base and accent stain, as well as the color of the wheels. 

A perfect purchase to start the spring...check out all the Locomotive Boards, here. 


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The Southern C Summit

This April, I'm excited to be heading east again to Charleston, South Carolina for the Southern C 2015 Summit. It's a conference for Southern creatives that includes a bevy of expert panel discussions on branding, marketing, monetizing, social media and more. They fill up the three days with so many interesting people and topics, that it's impossible not to walk away enlightened and inspired...

Whitney Long and Cheri Leavy are the creative minds behind it all. I loved meeting these two last year- they're kind, giving, smart and savvy, which is essential when creating an event such as this. I personally love their focus on the South. As they shared, "The South is full of so much talent, creativity and innovation. We feel it is important to celebrate and connect Southern makers and creatives to build up our shared economy and culture." 

Their list of speakers is impressive, including Robert Leleux, Editor-in-Chief of Domino magazine and East Coast Producer and Editor of Better Homes and Gardens, Eddie Ross. Also present will be Amy Hughes, Susan Hable and Rinne Allen (to discuss book publishing) as well as Y'allsome founder Craig Evans and Proud Mary founder, Harper Poe to help us gain a better understanding of cause marketing and how to integrate it into our existing businesses. The list goes on...

To make it even sweeter, the conference is being held in downtown Charleston. Cheri and Whitney work hard to create an impressive lineup of speakers to share their insights and wisdom, but they also work equally hard to offer breaks througout the day and evening that showcase the best local food and drink. There is ample time to network and socialize, which is incredibly valuable for any Southern creative. If you'd like to partake, it's best to sign up soon as their early bird discount ends January 31 (that would be tomorrow). I hope you sign up and I hope to see y'all there...


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Ann Ladson Utensils

Charleston has been on my mind lately. And after writing my post yesterday on my favorite shop there, The Commons, it got me thinking of local artist, Ann Ladson. I met Ann there last year and bought one of her gorgeous gold rings. So, last night, I checked out her website to see what she's been up to and apparently, it's a lot. Besides her jewelry line, Ann has added an entire new line of utensils and vessels that are absolutely exquisite. Stunning. I want each and every one please...

Her utensils are shaped by hand- a labor intensive process that, depending on the piece, consists of carving the wax, casting the molds, forging, soldering, casting and finishing. Each is an original and a true treasure to have in your very own home.  

In this set of pics, you'll find a spice spoon, an oyster spork and brass tea spoons. As Ann was once a pastry chef, she is very atune to the needs of a chef. The right tools make a world of difference- plus it can't hurt that they're also this lovely. 

Still gushing over the shiny spoons, I find myself fawning over her solid brass three legged candlesticks and tri-ped bowls. As Ann notes, these tiny bowls work just as well for your spices as they do your jewels or small keepsakes. 

A brass dinner fork and a tiny ladle? I can't take it, I just can't take it anymore. It's all so beautiful and so fun... another strong reminder that I need to stop just thinking of Charleston and return to this enchanting southern city very soon. 

See the entirety of the Ann Ladson collections, here


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The Nesting Trivet

A picture has power. Like this one, which is beautifully composed and highlights a product I can't help but want to know more about. I saw this on Instagram yesterday and knew I had to share. Turns out, Erin Connelly and Kerry Clark Speake of The Commons in Charleston recently collaborated with Durham based company, Arrowhead, to create these stunning walnut and brass nesting trivet sets.

As shared on their site, this trivet serves three functions; "As a classic trivet set for your hot pots, nested together to create a sculptural fruit bowl or simply as a decorative work of art on your kitchen table."

It's a beauty- and what a wonderful gift idea too. It's the type of household item to covet and use year after year after year. Incredible work guys. To continue to be awed by Erin and Kerry's originality, check out the beautiful goods they've created and curated for their impeccable shop, The Commons, here.


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