Slippin' Southern

There's something about a cool, handmade, wooden sign that evokes the spirit of the South. Gregory Morris of Slippin' Southern makes these wonderful signs and I have to say I'm a bit partial to this blue trailer. Made from Southern pine plywood, this trailer makes me want to go to the Carolina coast with some friends - go swimming in the ocean, have a bonfire at the beach. It'll be our own little getaway, carefree and welcoming...

At the age of 20, Gregory moved from Pensacola, Florida to the midwest. It was here that he found love, got married and spent the next 20 years of his life. A couple of years ago, he and his midwest gal decided to pack it up and move south, finding a home in Snow Hill, North Carolina. Gregory was happy to return, "I started to remember all of the little sayings and ways in which Southerners speak. I had forgotten how different the South was and I think being away from it made me see the South with fresh eyes and ears. That's how Slippin' Southern came about and that's what influences so many of my pieces." 

Gregory's current favorite piece is the Pensacola Beach Sand Dollar as it reminds him of his childhood when his parents took him to the ocean. As a kid, he distinctly remembers the "beautiful, white sand dollars that would wash ashore from the emerald green Gulf of Mexico." This blue marlin is also a great piece and I love how it came to be. As Gregory explains, "I've always wanted a huge marlin to hang on my wall but I've never had the chance to go deep sea fishing and catch one. So I created my own marlin because I know there are a lot of guys out there that have never been able to catch their own either." For any fisherman- from the expert to the dreaming kind, this marlin can provide hope and cool all at the same time. 

Gregory's shop has about 50 signs currently and many are playful words and sayings that remind him of life in the South. These can add such charm and presence to a kitchen or a porch.

Gregory sells his pieces all over the world and often to those who have moved away from the South, as he once did. As Gregory tells it, "I feel like I'm sending them a little slice of deep fried Southern charm." 

This last one, Mister Crab, derives from a memory that can be strong for all of Gregory explains, "It was made because of my memories of Cantler's Restaurant in Maryland. It's a great seafood and crab bar restaurant on the water. You can watch the crab boats come in and deliver their catch almost as you eat, it's terrific." See all of Gregory's signs here, which are customizable with 16 color options. Thanks so much for sharing them Gregory and we're so happy all y'all came back...


Photos: Slippin' Southern   Content: Sweet Peach