Sixteen Tons

A good mens shop is always so satisfying as they are few and far between. If you live in Baltimore, Maryland or plan to pass through there soon, may I suggest you check out Sixteen Tons. As they state on their site, they stock "a variety of clothing, accessories and accoutrements that are timeless in their look, feel and purpose. 

They stock a variety of manly labels that cater to the modern gentleman. These include Propector Co, Makia, Ivy Prepster and J Fold. 

Every good mens shop cares about grooming. I love this old fashioned wet shave jelly they carry by Portland General Store. This has a real masculine scent without any harsh chemicals. Some notable ingredients include aloe juice, organic lemon extract, bilberry extract and witch hazel. 

I hope you get a chance to see Sixteen Tons in person. Without wasting much time you'll find what you need and be pleasantly surprised at what you can add to your wardrobe and dop kit...unique items with a lot of style and swagger. And I know every manly man can appreciate that.


Photos: Sixteen Tons    Content: Sweet Peach