Shotwell Candy Co.

Handcrafted caramels with sea salt. Say no more. I'll take a whole box. 

Jerrod Smith of Memphis, Tennessee is an attorney by day and a candy maker at night. The candies are named after Jerrod's great grandfather, L. Shotwell George, who owned and operated a general store in Aliceville, Kansas. Grandpa Shot, as they called him, sold classic candies in his shop, which always included caramels that family members loved to sneak from the bins. 

After finding success with his handmade salted caramels, Jerrod created more flavors, like these hand crushed espresso caramels. The caramel is infused with espresso beans, house made Tennessee whiskey vanilla extract and almond extract. Then of course, a sprinkling of espresso beans on top. 

"Old Fashioned" Cocktail Caramels are another favorite, infused with aromatic bitters, Kentucky bourbon whiskey and orange extract. 

I love the basic brown stamped bags reminiscent of those you'd find in a general store way back when. I think one bag filled with salted caramels would be just perfect for a midday stroll...

For those giving the caramels as gifts, Jerrod offers custom notes on a vintage recipe card. Like his Grandpa Shot knew well, an added personal touch goes a long way. Check out more of Shotwell Candy Company's southern goodness, here


Photos: Shotwell Candy Co.       Content: Sweet Peach