Form Function Form

On the Form Function Form site, you'll find this description from founder Shawn Reed which helps describe the philosophy behind the brand, "In good design, there is a symbiotic relationship between the aesthetic perception of a thing and its use; neither is primary, both feed off of and inform each other. As a designer, as a human, I believe that something within us loves, even needs, beautiful things in our lives." 

Shawn adds, "A product that is both beautiful in form and resiliently practical in function is a quality piece." He and his team in Orlando, Florida offer four Timex models with various styles of their signature button-stud strap; the Weekender, the Sport, the Weekender Mini and Easy Reader. (bands start at $48)

To achieve a high standard, the Form Function Form team utilize Horween leather from Chicago. My favorite feature, however, is the button-stud strap. It's sturdy, practical and beautifully designed as the stud can be worn on the outside or the inside of the band. It makes one wonder why it took so long to make a watchband like this.

I'm happy to see that Shawn extended his wrist wares to also include stylish bracelets. And on closer inspection, the top one, called The Strap-On, doubles as a camera strap. Pretty ingenious. The other wrist offerings all showcase manly hardware and gorgeous leather. I think this just became my new go-to gift for guys....

To take quality to the next level, Shawn also offers a Premium watch collection, starting at $3400. These watches are actually a good deal as they are all preowned (and sometimes never worn) watches from a trusted local source. It turns out, their button-stud band works well with a selection of Rolex and Omega models which you'll find featured on the site. Click here for more details. And thank you Shawn for caring so much about form and function...


Photos: Form Function Form site      Content: Sweet Peach