Sara Azani

I recently came across these pretty pics on Real Estate Agent and Blogger, Sara Azani lives in Washington DC and has created a lovely, inviting home with a clean, modern feel. 

Sara loves to thrift and find a good deal, relying on HomeGoods for many of her decor basics. She spent two years decorating her home and I think it's so important to be patient with your design and to find pieces that work, without breaking the bank. Her dining table is made of reclaimed wood from an old barnyard she found at Miss Pixies in DC. I really love the cherry red rug that pairs beautifully with the curtains.

Sara describes her home style as rustic-chic. As her style is constantly evolving, she likes to keep the walls white, adding color and texture in the furniture and accessories. Sara, "I try to keep the colors in the same family, whether it's golds, blues or reds. The trick is to not use more than three to four colors in your home." 

I love Sara's modern, cozy abode as it inspires me to mix things up in my own home. If you have some time to peruse today, check out Sarah's blog, High Fashion 4 Less. I think I need to take a trip to HomeGoods...


Photos: Yvonne Rock      Content: Sweet Peach