The Knitterati: The Nature Bike

If you've been following Sweet Peach, you are well aware of the genius that is The Knitterati. They've yarn bombed trees for the Atlanta Beltline, as well as create the Beltline Beasties. Their latest project was a bit smaller in scope but no less impactful. The team covered 10 bikes that are now on display throughout the East Atlanta Village until the end of the month. Today, I'm focusing on Sandy M. Tyler and Julie Jeffers Rivard's fabulous two wheeled collaboration they call The Nature Bike. 

It took 7 weeks of work (after work) to knit, crochet and felt this bike into being. Julie designed and executed the back wheel, the mushroom seat cover and felted honeybees and lady bugs- as well as the sweet bird perched upon the bike's frame. 

The whole concept of the bike started with the idea of crafting a daisy wheel. Sandy bought a pattern for a daisy cushion cover from the Royal Sisters shop and decided to create, then sew two daisies together to cover the front wheel. Julie then added a felted honey bee. 

One of their favorite features are the handlebars. Sandy, "I kept looking at the handlebars and thinking that they could only be a dragonfly, but I had no idea how I was going to do it. I experimented making patterns for wings and wiring them. Julie offered to felt the tail, which was the golden ticket to completing the dragonfly." 

When I first saw the bike, Sandy admitted their main concern is that its moniker would quickly become 'The Penis Bike.' It's not the easiest task to cover a bike seat and make it look g-rated. But hey, so it goes. I think the mushroom, created by Julie, looks pretty great. Sandy readily embraces all sly commentary.  

The details are what make this bike such a wonderful conversation piece. I really love the moss covered frame, the vivid colors and small features that make you see something new each time you take a gander. Sandy, "We just took the nature theme and ran with it and I think it's magical and very pretty." It is indeed. 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach