B. Inspired: Salvaged Treasure

When you find an old light fixture that catches your eye at a yard sale or thrift store, it's worth a try to bring it back to life. Even if you pay someone else to wire your new found object, the payoff is a one of a kind piece that has a charisma all its own. Bryce found this unique mid century light fixture at a flea market for $15. He immediately saw its potential and took it home to wash and wire it. 

First thing he did was buy electrical cord. You can buy it for as low as .59 cents a foot or even cheaper and easier is to buy an extension cord of the length you want and just cut off the female plug. That way you already have the male plug attached and will be one less step in the process. Learning to wire a lamp isn't hard but does take a little practice. Here's a good step by step tutorial I found online.  


This came out even better than expected. I love the softness of the circles cast on the wall. It's a corner made cozy and serene, perfect for a bedroom or a porch. Or better yet, a kid's room....nice find! Thanks Bryce.


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach