B. Inspired: A Room Divider

I was so happy to get an email from Bryce last night, sharing his latest before and after creation. He recently found two pieces of glass at his local Habitat for Humanity shop (one of the pieces shown above). The price for both panes was just $20 total. He brought them home and let them linger at his workshop until inspiration struck... 

Bryce finally found an idea in creating a room divider or just a nice piece of wall art. He created a frame using 1 x 4" clear pine wood. He also bought 1 x 1" molding at Home Depot to hold the glass in place. Bryce, "When I put it together, I decided to stagger the wood to give it a nice aesthetic." As you'll notice, one panel sits forward on the frame, while the other sits back, which gives it a layered look and adds interest. 

Then he painted it a swiss coffee white, distressed it a bit with 80 grade sandpaper and added a clear coat to finish. Beautiful, nice job as always...thanks for the inspiration Bryce! 


Photos: Bryce Toney   Content: Sweet Peach