The Artist and the Scientist

Art and science may feel like opposing forces when trying to design a home but in Ron and Paul's case, the pairing couldn't be more seamless or inspiring. From the first time Ron and Paul saw this three bedroom home in the Ormewood park section of Atlanta, they fell in love with unexpected features of high ceilings and an open floor plan that still offered a sense of intimacy. Their mix of mid century and modern furniture has been collected over the years from family, flea markets, emerging artists and various vintage shops. One of the best features is the flat screened television mounted on a zebra wood panel, which Ron and Paul found via Ballacchino Design. Flawlessly added to the design of the home, the TV becomes a piece that complements rather than distracts. 

Ron is a herpetologist, botanist and horticulturist and his love for science pops up in unexpected ways throughout the home. Whether it's the ostrich eggs on the kitchen island, a plentiful library on frogs and reptiles or unusual flowers at every turn, the space is a thoughtful, unending conversation piece. Find the pretty pendants purchased from the Lighting Loft in Atlanta, here. 

A graphic artist by trade, Paul complements the design with his large scale, mixed media artwork. Utilizing photography, painting and collage, he creates beautiful images that are often plant inspired. Hmmmm, wonder why? They say nature is perfect in its design. After seeing a home this lovely, I'd have to agree.

The back deck is beautifully manicured, colorful and lively. But what else can you expect from a seasoned horticulturist? 

This is a second version of the living room that my friend Kathryn and I shot. It was too pretty, I had to share. Thank you to sweet Humphrey, Mylo, and Jesse for all your perfect poses. And thank you Ron and Paul for opening up your home and giving us a sneak peak that offers endless inspiration. 


Photos: Kathryn Kolb and Sweet Peach   Content: Sweet Peach