Cast & Crew. A place to sit.

An avid Cast + Crew fan, I'm always in awe when I check in to see Jenny and Cody's latest finds and updates to classic designer chairs. Like this beauty, a collaboration between Alexander Girard and Charles & Ray Eames. As stated on their site, "Girard's brick red hopsak upholstery joins forces with one of the rarest of Eames fiberglass colors- elephant hide gray." 

Jenny and Cody are known for adding a bit of vibrancy to their found pieces, like their signature Marfa Red neon powdercoat. I particularly love the color combo chosen to update these stellar stools. These are fully adjustable, with the seat's height ranging from 21" to 27". Plus they swivel round and round. Gotta love that...


Jenny and Cody work hard to retain as much of the original hardware as possible. Any modifications are done to enhance the life of the chair and keep the designer's intentions intact. And it can't hurt to add a bit of modern flair...

This is just a small sample of their lovely places to sit. Check out the Cast + Crew blog and Etsy site to see more. As they live the artist life in my dream destination of Marfa, Texas, Jenny and Cody are well worth keeping track of...


Photos: Cast and Crew        Content: Sweet Peach

LilyJack Creations...

I've been trying to think what I like about the winter but I can sincerely say, 'nothing.' I want it to be spring more than anything. I don't want to shiver at night. I don't want to wear a heavy jacket anymore. i want there to be birds tweeting and flowers growing, and more importantly, I want to spend some time on my porch rocking on my cute rocking chair...

LilyJack Creations is a family owned and operated business in Summerfield, North Carolina. They make rocking chairs and a bevy of other types of chairs that are sturdy and comfortable, with a modern touch.  

Ken Johnson has been making his chairs for over twenty years. He harvests local cypress wood along the Cape Fear River. Ken, "It can take the moisture, it will not rot. It will not decay, and insects don't like it." The chairs also slide apart, making them easy to store or carry. 

I particularly like his newer models with a cup holder, but all his chairs can get this added accessory if you so desire. He offers six different colors for your chairs or the choice for you to choose a custom color yourself.  

I like to call this yellow one on the left the Double Wide...but Ken calls it the Jack Austin Double. It has a seat width of 40" so it is able to seat two comfortably. There is an option to get this as a rocker as well...

Take a look at the LilyJack site to see all the options Ken has available, which includes tables and children's chairs. Yay spring, it's almost here....


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Wood Studio

Sweet Peach Facebook fan, Megan Oliver emailed me the other day to share a link to the Wood Studio in Arley, Alabama. She wanted to share their incredible wood work that exudes true Southern soul...and I'm so glad she did. My personal favorite is this Lookout Mountain Rocker originally designed by Randy Cochran, Wood Studio's founder, almost 40 years ago. It's an exceptionally made piece and available in a variety of native hardwoods, including walnut, cherry, maple, ash, red or white oak.  

This wonderful piece Randy designed and can be used as a stool or an end table. Randy, along with his two sons Keith and Dylan, work together to custom make wood furniture and a handful of signature pieces. All the Cochrans take great care in their craft, using traditional techniques to create utilitarian pieces that are 100% built by one or two or all three of them. 

It's a labor of love to create simple, functional furniture that's built to last over 100 years. As Keith shares, "The work is only revealed once you take the time to look more closely at each piece and at each joint within each piece. Then you can see just how complex each piece of furniture is." 

This is the Beersheba Swing (pronounced Bursh'ba) and is Southern through and through. This swing was once quite popular in and around Beersheba Springs, Tennessee during the mid to late 1800's and thanks to the help of the Cochrans, has made a bit of a resurgence. 

I love how spacious these swings are. As Dylan shares, "We have built them from four feet to eight feet long and out of everything from sassafrass (which the originals were made from) to walnut and poplar."

When their original shop opened in 1986, it was in an old barn in the backyard of the Cochran home. Today, they've outgrown the barn and have built a grand sized workshop to handle all their needs and more. Randy is currently running the office out of Ft. Payne, Alabama and restoring the early 1900's home he grew up in while the boys keep their hands dirty fulfilling orders and carrying on the family tradition... 

When I asked Keith what made their work uniquely Southern, he responded "All of our pieces are built out of necessity, therefore making each of our pieces very utilitarian. That is something that is always at the forefront of each of our designs- It has to work well. That to me is an overriding characteristic of Southern furniture." See all of their impressive work here. Thanks Cochran Family! 


Photos: Brian Francis Photography   Content: Sweet Peach 

Petrified Design

Rocking chairs are easy to love, but perhaps some have a higher love factor than others. Like this one...whose wood derives from a used wine barrel in Central Texas. The curvature of the barrel is carried through in this design, brilliantly crafted by Tyson Pendergrass and Gable Bostic of Petrified Design in the Austin/Hill Country region of Texas. 

If you follow Sweet Peach, you may have noticed that I have a weakness for anything wood and metal. These expertly constructed tables certainly make me a little weak in the knees. Tyson sheds light on he and Gable's aesthetic, "We design furniture with a story and a purpose and love that what we design we haven't seen before. Our furniture can work in the modern city loft or the rustic mountain cabin." 

Residing in the hill country, Tyson adds, "Our designs and construction have a natural Southern feel while keeping clean, modern lines." This bench is a great example of this as he and Gable repurposed this wood from an old Texas ranch and with a keen attention to detail, handcrafted a really stunning piece. I want, I want...

This East Polk Low Lounger stays true to its name as one who reclines here should plan to stay awhile. Think of a sunset, a beer, maybe a second low lounger close by for a is made better with guys like Tyson and Gable around.  


Photos: Petrified Design   Content: Sweet Peach  


I'm always on the lookout for interesting design and really like what I found at HollerDesign in Lascassas, Tennessee. You may remember them from their incredible farmhouse bathroom renovation which I featured in a post last month. Today, I wanted to highlight some of their furniture. Melissa and Matt Alexander were inspired by the traditional furniture of rural America when creating these pieces and utilized white oak and rubber strapping for these more modern versions. 

With their office and workshop located in a rural farm in Tennessee, both Matt and Melissa are deeply influenced by their Southern roots and "inspired by rural forms and textures." They quote Calvin Beale on their site, as he espoused that Southerners are "inclined to self sufficiency and simple living, (with a) widespread interest in environmentalism, conservation, alternative fuel sources, rural aesthetic values, home food production, and local self government." 

I love these side tables or stools they refer to as Beam. Made from locally sourced, reclaimed pine barn beams, these pieces can add a charming, rustic touch to your decor. Melissa explains more of the process; "Bowdock pegs of Osage Orange wood create a tight, glue-less joint, which is similar to the type of joinery traditionally used for barns in the Southeast. We then hand char each piece to create a rich, dark black, then protect the finish with a hand applied, water based polyurethane."

Matt and Melissa studied the traditional, ladderback rocker to create their updated version, the Rocker 03. Melissa explains, "The finishing process utilizes an all natural ebonizing solution, followed by black pigment and finally a hand applied, water based polyurethane. This creates a lustrous black finish with just a hint of brown undertone and a glowing sheen. We like to say it has classic southern charm with a hint of urban chic." 

**Matt and Melissa are offering Sweet Peach viewers free shipping on any HollerDesign order. Just enter "Sweet" at checkout to receive the discount. Thanks guys! 


Photos: Bradly Brown and HollerDesign   Content: Sweet Peach