Susan & Guy Chancey

Ever since I met Interior Stylist, Susan Chancey of Lost and Foundry in Asheville, I've had the thought, "I wonder what her home looks like. I bet it's amazing..."

Turns out I was right. Susan and her husband, Guy recently had their home photographed by Country Living and I was thrilled to see the final shots. In her living room, she sought a calming vibe but, in her characteristic way, she wanted to keep things interesting. Her table lamp is actually a steel lamp base forged from a car jack and her coffee table was handcrafted by Amish carpenters in Pennsylvania. 

Like typical Southerners, Susan and Guy love to entertain. Their dining room is such a great space. I love the two rugs that flank the sides of the table, which I don't think I ever would have thought of. The Mid-century inspired chairs and light (influenced by an 1800's surgical light) were designed by Susan's friend, Robert Ogden. 

I absolutely love the two hutches in the dining room. A girl after my own heart, Susan replaced the glass panels with chicken wire. (i'm still on a hunt to incorporate chicken wire into my own home) She also added drop cloths inside the lower doors. The fun part about that is you can change out the fabric for different colors and patterns if you ever need a change of pace...

What's wonderful about this home is how in each room, there is so much to look at and be inspired by. The pendant light on a rope...the planter that becomes a trash can...the texture of the vintage mirror...the gorgeous floor tile...the towel holder...the open metal cabinet. I wonder what's in the baskets...

Ahhhh...if only my home could be half as inspiring as this one, I'd be a happy gal. But the best part is, we've all been let in the front door and can leave with a bit of inspiration and admiration. And maybe jealousy... Learn more details about Susan and Guy's incredible southern home, here. 


Photos: Aimee Herring/ Country Living      Content: Sweet Peach