The airbnb of Rebecca Rebouche

Boutique hotels are great but I'm starting to love airbnb even more. The chance to live in someone else's space for a minute feels more local and adventurous and obviously, more personal. And if you're lucky, you can book the home of one of your favorite artist's...

Rebecca Rebouche is an artist based in southern Louisiana. Her paintings are playful, distinctive and deeply influenced by mother nature. If you spend any time in Anthropologie, you'll see her work appear on bedding, scarves, bags, stationery, curtains, books and more. I'm personally in love with all her dinnerware.

The great thing is Rebecca occassionally rents out her lofted treehouse cabin in the woods (just an hour north of New Orleans) and it's every bit as rustic, cool and creative as you would think...

The loft is three stories, one bedroom, one and a half bath surrounded by trees and a little frog pond in the front. It's the perfect getaway spot where the stress falls away, replaced with balance and calm. 

As Rebecca shares, "My hope is that the house will play host to the great writers, artists, photographers, musicians, philosophers, architects, theorists, poets, actors and entrepreneurs of our time." The cabin rents for $165 a night. Book it here.


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Rebecca Rebouche

Rebecca Rebouche has a lot to be happy about. From the small bayou town of Franklin, Louisiana and current resident of New Orleans, this talented young artist has created quite the stir with her contemporary folk art, finding success and acclaim in all the right places. 

Her acrylic and mixed media paintings are part dream, part mother nature. As she shared recently, "I'm always using the natural world as my echo. There's always an element of magic or transcendence that you can never actually achieve in the real world with a photograph." 

Rebecca scored big when she struck a deal in October, 2010 with Anthropologie, a lifestyle retail chain that sells unique and beautiful women's apparel and home furnishings. You'll find bedding, dishware, prints and wallpaper, all derived from her playful and pretty artwork that speaks well to her Southern roots. 

Rebecca, "I have created my sensibility and style of artmaking out of a love for crafty, sugary, folk, organic, honest, whimsical objects and settings. I am often exploring a metaphor for something that is essentially human and vulnerable." 

Through all her success, Rebecca finds balance at her home in New Orleans. It is there where she creates and paints in her studio just north of the city. It's where urban life subsides and the wilds of the deep South begins, revealing to her and all those who visit, its colors and textures, its rawness and grace. 

As if an Anthropologie collaboration wasn't incredible enough, Rebecca recently graced the cover of Garden & Gun magazine as one of their 15 Southern visionaries who are helping to shape the worlds of art, style and design. A wonderful accomplishment, and well deserved. 

To learn more of Rebecca's work, visit her corner store showroom in New Orleans or click here to peruse her Etsy shop. 


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