With an affinity for mid century design, I have nothing but love for the Modbox. It started as a Kickstarter project by Raleigh, North Carolina resident, Greg Kelly. He quickly and impressively raised over $75,000 and his vision for a well designed mailbox reminiscent of the 50's and 60's came to be...

After Greg purchased and renovated a mid century abode, he realized there was a real need in the market for retro style mailboxes. He researched old catalogs and publications to construct a template for his version that not only represented the era well but was pleasing to the eye. 

The Kickstarter campaign allowed Greg to produce an impressive collection, each one painted in an Eichler exterior accent color. The Modboxes are made in Knightdale, NC from 20 gauge cole rolled steel, powder coated inside and out. Super stylish and built to last. 


Images: Modbox USA     Content: Sweet Peach

Carriage Oak Cottage

As the winter doldrums have really started to get me down, I find myself counting down the days to daylight saving time. The spring makes me think and dream of vivid, poppy colors. Which is why I love these vases, created by Kristin Malaer of Raleigh, North Carolina.  

Kristin loves to play with color and texture and therefore chose to cover these glass vases in her own mixture of stucco and cement. The result is something unique and intriguing to the eye. This set of three would look lovely on my front porch, side by side, filled with spring flowers...sigh.  

Kristin is a busy bee, getting ready for spring herself as she now has hundreds of colorful vases to choose from on her site. Sounds like a good plan to beat the winter doldrums... Enjoy the weekend y'all. 



Slingshot Coffee

During my recent event, the Sweet Peach Revival, the very first item to fly off the shelves was the Slingshot Coffee. Packaged to perfection, this cold brewed coffee is handcrafted in small batches in Raleigh, North Carolina. And it's good...

If you have yet to notice, cold brewed coffee has become quite the trend. Slingshot makes theirs with just two ingredients- organic cofee beans roasted by Counter Culture Coffee in Durham and filtered Raleigh tap water. It is strained into a concentrate and with a little ice, you have a cup of coffee that is less acidic and richer than your typical cup. Refreshing and light may be a good (and unexpected) description. So if you like coffee, it's definitely worth a try. 

The cold brew concentrate is a 1-1 ratio of coffee to water. As they state, "You can make it cold by mixing with cold water, you can make it hot by mixing with boiling water, or mix it 1-1 with milk just shy of a boil or milk from the icebox for a hot or cold latte-like drink." 

The best part is the product's versatility. On the Slingshot site, they list some incredible recipes for adding vodka, tequila, club soda, simple syrups, whiskey, bourbon, bitters...even peanut butter and bananas for a tasty smoothie. It's a good cup 'o joe and so much more. Cheers to that...


Photos: Slingshot Coffee Co.      Content: Sweet Peach


Lumina Superior Dry Goods

Barton, Justin, Peter and Paul are four guys in Raleigh, North Carolina who have joined forces to create Lumina Superior Dry Goods, a fashionable clothing and accessories shop for men. 

As stated on their site, "We wanted to do something innately North Carolinian and to bolster the industries that were once so predominate in our state." Currently, all their products are made in the USA as they continually work towards their impressive goal to produce all the items within North Carolina borders. 

From trousers and 100% cotton button ties, socks, belts, hats and bags, at Lumina you'll find menswear items that reflect the spirit of the American worker. Plus, all their modern goods have an excellent price point of under $100.  


The name Lumina is a play on the traditional cotton loom, which once provided a major boost to the North Carolina economy. Check out all their stylish and affordable goods online, or if you're in Raleigh, stop by and see the boys at 123 E Martin Street. 


Photos: Lumina Superior Dry Goods      Content: Sweet Peach


Eleanor and Milo

As autumn is in full swing, there's a need to add layers and get cozy and warm. The same holds true for our pups, which is why these stylish dog cowls, hand made by Kate Butler of Raleigh, North Carolina, are so necessary. 

The best part is these canine cowls are made from upcycled jersey fabric that Kate finds at The Scrap Exchange in Durham, NC, as well as thrift stores like Cause for Paws and ReTails Thrift Shop, which donate to animals in need. 

The cowls are patiently and expertly modeled by Kate's white boxer, Eleanor. She knows how to work the camera, doesn't she? 

With so much recyclable material at her disposal, Kate also makes squeaky dog toys that can be personalized with embroidery. Sizes come in small, medium and large. 

Pretty packaging is always a plus and Kate does not disappoint as each cowl or toy is wrapped in heavy duty recyclable Kraft paper, tied simply with a white ribbon and tag. What a great gift...thanks Kate! Peruse the entirety of her lovely store here. 


Photos: Eleanor and Milo    Content: Sweet Peach 


Raleigh Denim

Attention to detail is an important attribute to a true craftsman. Victor Lytvinenko and his wife, Sarah, have embraced this skill and a plethora of others in creating their high quality, handcrafted denim jeans. Raleigh Denim is the name of their company- one you may want to bookmark. 

The best part about Raleigh Denim is the materials are all locally sourced (within 200 miles) and the jeans are made in small batches. It's about getting back to the way things used to be made- utilizing local craftsmen with a keen attention to quality and detail. The denim is sourced from white oak selvage at North Carolina's Cone Denim.

All the design, cut and finishing work happens under one roof at their workshop in downtown Raleigh. Victor has even studied stitching techniques from the original American demin makers to make their jeans as authentic and durable as possible. As stated on their site, "From day one, every hem of every pair of Raleigh Denim jeans have been done on a Union Special 43200G from the 1920's." 

If you were to turn Raleigh Denim jeans inside out, you'd find an xray illustration of where your hips should be- plus Victor and Sarah's signature. 

After finding success in their denim jeans, Victor and Sarah are slowly expanding their wares, including these incredible plaid workshop ties.

And I wouldn't think I'd like a denim bag- until I saw this one that utilizes the highest quality horween leather.

I've never been to Raleigh but when I do, I think my first stop will be their Curatory, located in downtown. Click here to learn more about Raleigh Denim, a truly inspirational shop...


Photos: Raleigh Denim    Content: Sweet Peach