A Friday Cocktail...

I finish up a Lifetime show this weekend and it's just been one of those shows where you need to have a cocktail once in a while. To commemorate its much anticipated conclusion, I've been looking for something smooth and southern. Found via Garden and Gun, this perfect Friday cocktail called The Tallulah comes from Ollie Irene in Birmingham, Alabama. It combines coke, peanut syrup and Jack Daniels. Yum.  

If you grew up in the South, you may remember the hot summer days where you'd place peanuts into a cold Coke to make a sweet and salty treat. Now it's been fine tuned and modernized a bit with some handmade peanut syrup and a jigger of Jack. It's good...and I think I'll be having one or two tonight. Find the recipe over at G & G and happy weekend everyone! 


Photos: Garden and Gun      Content: Sweet Peach