Erika Gibson

With my love of ceramics, you would think I'd have a huge selection of pieces in my own home. I do not, but I do aspire...because artists such as Erika Gibson of eastern North Carolina craft the most beautiful things...

Erika has a love for minimal design and is infuenced by a mid century aesthetic. Her indigo hues are certainly in trend and I love the idea of having these stacked in my white kitchen, getting all the attention they deserve. 

My favorite pieces of hers are the coffee mugs and espresso mugs. Just too lovely for words. I'm bookmarking...aspiring to have in my home. Someday. 


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Hammer & Axe

As a homeowner, I know the value of a good hammer. I had a pink one that my mom gave me after college but through the many years I kept it in my house, it never really had that much power behind it. But this hammer, is different. Made by Council Tool in Waccamaw, North Carolina by fourth generation toolmakers, these hammers are part hot forged steel and part American hickory wood. It's a manly hammer, suitable for striking wood, metal, stone and concrete. 

As last night was the first night I went to bed in a chilly house, I had dreams of having a fireplace in my room. And if I did, I'd have this axe (or this one) next to my outdoor woodpile. Another North Carolina made dropped forged steel axe with a hickory handle, that comes with a leather sheath with buckle closure, it's an axe to last a lifetime.  


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Parrott Canvas

I like bags made with a specific lifestyle in this Carpenter's bag made with a removable, covered board to give structure to the bottom. Crafted with wax canvas duck fabric, it's strong and durable, plus it's built to be taken places where it may get wet, dirty, kicked around... do what you will, it can take it. 

The crew at Parrott Canvas, based out of Greenville, North Carolina, have been designing and producing manly totes and bags for over 20 years. These are my favorite of their stylish, functional bags but their shop includes hundreds of options for every carry need. Pick your favorite, here.


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The High Fiber, fall 2015

I have an odd attachment to pretty tea towels. There's very few I pass by without touching. I think growing up with flimsy white paper napkins every meal has left a wound or two. I find healing through artisans like Daphne Cohan of The High Fiber in Asheville, North Carolina...bland and boring is just not in her vocabulary. 

Bees, butterflies, acorns and bunnies always make good subjects. These new designs mean I can justify new tea towels in my tea towel drawer. I can justify that. Peruse Daphne's entire shop, here.


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I love a good map, especially one that shares the best spots for tasty, southern barbecue. Amanda Fisher and Paul Bright of Charlotte, North Carolina came up with this fab idea. The Great NC BBQ Map is an impressive undertaking as the well-designed guide features over 400 restaurants, shacks and eateries, and to date, is the most comprehensive BBQ map in the state. 

Amanda and Paul started up their company, EDIA, in the summer of 2014. The name EDIA is an acronym for Every Day Is an Adventure. Their goal is to find the extraordinary in the ordinary and create adventure at every turn. 

The map shares important info for any lover of southern BBQ, including whether each locale offers whole hog BBQ or just part of the pig. You'll also learn how the BBQ is prepared and which sauces to expect. And to make your road trip adventure throughout North Carolina even more fun, they created a game pack of puzzles to keep you entertained as you traverse the state, finding your own adventure...seeking out the extraordinary in the ordinary. Perfect plan for the holiday weekend.


The Suite One Studio Ring Dish

I tend to bookmark a lot of home decor images and artist profiles from around the South and I have to say, the most common item I bookmark is ceramics. There is so much incredible work in this field these days, I can never get enough of it... the work of one of my favorite Southern artists, Lindsay Emery of Greensboro, North Carolina. Besides her gorgeous dishware, cheeseboards and platters, which I've blogged about before, I'm in love with her little ring dishes, all rimmed in gold.  

Lindsay lets creativity reign as she shapes each dish by hand and adds swirls and splatters of watercolor, making each piece a one-of-a-kind. At just $30 a piece, it's a lovely little ring dish to gift yourself or a friend...just because. 


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As I work long hours, online shops are becoming more important in my daily life. So I was happy the other day to stumble upon Shelter, where owners Karie Reinertson and Rob Maddox have created an impressive collection of quality, handmade goods.

Based in Asheville, North Carolina, Rob and Karie work together in designing each piece and Karie follows through on the production. Her bag making skills are impressive as I love how each piece she crafts feels modern and unique yet timeless in its design.   

Karie, "I like to make things that are representative of how I try to live my life - gently, artfully and with a focus on quality, not quantity." Her thoughtfulness shines through with ease. See Rob and Karie's entire Shelter collection, here. 

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Twine & Twig

It takes a bit of work to find something new and fabulously southern to blog about each day so I'm always more than happy to receive a tip or two. Like this next shop, Twine & Twig, which I first heard about through my bf, Kevin. I had no idea what the shop would be but after I opened the link, I was quick to bookmark it. Perfect for Sweet Peach...

Sisters, Elizabeth Stafford White and Jacquelyn Stafford Buckner live in Charlotte, North Carolina. Together, they design jewelry inspired by nature, their southern roots and extensive world travels. What I love too is how distinctive their pieces are, made up of naturally shed antler, globally sourced beads, found items and neutral earth tones. Plus, many of their pieces are finished off with their signature suede strap. The cuffs above work just as well as a bracelet as they do an anklet.

These eye catching sea glass bracelets are a collaboration between the sisters and Boho Beads. 


The pair manages to combine a global feel with an earthy, coastal feel in their work which lends these pieces to be dressed up or down. I can't love them more...

As if their jeweled creations weren't pretty enough, they also sell these adorable straw clutches created by local women in the Bahamas. They're made via a technique called "Plait" passed down by generations of local island weavers. The sisters complete each clutch with their unique beads and accessories. The perfect touch...


Images: Twine & Twig      Content: Sweet Peach 



With an affinity for mid century design, I have nothing but love for the Modbox. It started as a Kickstarter project by Raleigh, North Carolina resident, Greg Kelly. He quickly and impressively raised over $75,000 and his vision for a well designed mailbox reminiscent of the 50's and 60's came to be...

After Greg purchased and renovated a mid century abode, he realized there was a real need in the market for retro style mailboxes. He researched old catalogs and publications to construct a template for his version that not only represented the era well but was pleasing to the eye. 

The Kickstarter campaign allowed Greg to produce an impressive collection, each one painted in an Eichler exterior accent color. The Modboxes are made in Knightdale, NC from 20 gauge cole rolled steel, powder coated inside and out. Super stylish and built to last. 


Images: Modbox USA     Content: Sweet Peach