David Boyd, Jr.

As I start to take my home more seriously, I'm starting to take my art more seriously. I want more pieces that take me somewhere within my brain and heart... art that I feel viscerally connected to. David Boyd, Jr. is a painter from Newnan, Georgia and I really like his work.

Growing up in rural Georgia, David is inspired by nature and items that inhabit an old school cool. Whether it's vintage cars and tractors or mid century signs, he likes to paint objects or landscapes with a worn and weathered feel. Plus, he fears the pull of time and the loss of things he holds dear. David, "As a nod to my childhood memories as well as the passing of time, I want to preserve Southern American life in its current state of decay." 

David is a man after my own heart as the painting to the left is inspired by his stay at El Cosmico in Marfa, Texas, which has been on my wish list of places to visit since I started this blog. The painting to the right was inspired on a ranch road just west of Marfa. The road goes all the way to the Mexican border and as David shared, "It is one of the top five drives I have ever taken. The scenery is unadulterated and wild!" 

Such incredible work- and the above pieces are just a small sample of the hundreds of paintings David has created over the years. So I think I need to start saving my money to purchase a painting... The problem becomes, which one? 


Paintings: David Boyd, Jr.      Content: Sweet Peach