A couple of weeks ago, I took a road trip down to Thomasville, Georgia with Emily Myers. Em was offering a tasting of her jams and sauces at the Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese Shop and it was a good excuse for me to finally see Thomasville, Georgia- a small town I've heard about but had yet to visit. 

One shop on my must-see list was Firefly, owned by Nan Myers since 1996. When I asked Nan to describe her lovely shop in a sentence or two, she replied, "It is definitely reflective of my eclectic taste and living a creative life by surrounding yourself with beautiful handmade objects." 

Nan keeps true to her vision as her shop is a visual feast. It's the kind of place you could easily spend every dollar of your weekly paycheck. I kept walking around, seeing so much, wanting this and that...before realizing I pretty much would be happy to buy the entire store. Nan carries quite a few artists that have been featured on Sweet Peach, which is always fun to see, including Himalayan Trading Post, Honeycomb Studio and the Mason Shaker

One thing you'll quickly notice inside Firefly are all the luscious books, many of which showcase food and home decor. Every one of them is packed with beautiful visuals and inspiration. To Nan, books are a vital necessity. As she admits, "I kind of have a 'book problem.' In my life, reading represents slowing down and being inspired with what lies between the pages." 

I bought Chickens, Ducks and Geese for my contractor (who is currently remodeling my kitchen), as she has 11 chickens. The book illustrates all the different chicken breeds and their colorful eggs. To me, finding the right book, whether for yourself or a friend, is a little slice of heaven. 

This shop truly spoke to me as it was filled with unique items I've never seen before, plus gorgeous antiques and artwork. As Nan has a deep love for mother nature, so much of what she displays is inspired by land and sea. 

Her kid's section, located at the front of the store, is also beautifully curated with quirky books, stuffed animals, dolls, blankets and artwork. All of Firefly exudes that feeling of a comfortable, inviting and endlessly inspiring neighborhood shop. I'm so happy to have visited. 

If you haven't been to Thomasville yet, may I strongly suggest that you do. Their main street is packed with individually owned shops to peruse, which includes some fantastic antique stores and the always popular, Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese Shop. Also, the first Sweet Grass Dairy resaturant, called Blue Coop, is set to open very soon. Which is just another good reason for Em and I to hop back in her truck and head on down to south Georgia. I can't wait...


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach