The Idyll/Wilde Apron...

Nadene Mairesse and Brandy June Flowers are southern gals with a lot of soul. With a love for textiles and design, the pair were thrilled at an opportunity to create aprons for a local restaurant called Odette in Florence, Alabama. Inspired by the process (and feedback), the friends decided to produce and sell an entire line of aprons. Brandy June handles all sales and merchandising while Nadene is the design guru and creative force behind the brand.  

Nadene has created six options in her online shop, Idyll/Wilde, including the Little Helper for the young, aspiring chefs, and the Gingham Butcher Apron for those that seek a bit of culinary style. 

I'm a fan of the bistro apron, made of flecked gray organic cotton and recycled hemp. Northwest Alabama has miles and miles of cotton fields so it always just feels right when designers are inspired by local materials. Plus, the burgeoning food and design scene has really expanded with Natalie Chanin, Billy Reid and others.

All of Nadene's handmade garments, which include women's and children's clothes, are made from start to finish in her small workshop in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. I hope to have a chance to visit one day as I'd love to check out that part of Alabama- just so much creativity happening in that northwest corner of the state. Must be the water or the soil or something southern, stirring and feeding the soul... See the entire Idyll/Wilde shop, here. 


Photos: Idyll/Wilde site    Content: Sweet Peach

Muscle Shoals

I drove up to my parents home in Greenville, South Carolina for the weekend and in my downtime, decided to watch a documentary I had heard a lot about on my last job. Muscle Shoals is about this small town in northwest Alabama that churned out some amazing music beginning in the 1960's, that propelled the careers of Etta James, The Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, The Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd and so many more. It's beautfully produced and incredible to see what this group of country guys were able to pull off together in this tiny town of just 8000. Plus, it's a good way to enjoy a little downtime yourself this holiday. See the trailer, here.