As someone who loves to play, create, cut, paste and color, I have to say, I love a good stamp. A good stamp always feels a bit unexpected and one of a kind.  

Mollie Flatley of the NoraJane Etsy shop creates the most creative and fun stamps I've seen in a long time. Living in rural North Carolina with her five daughters, Mollie is obviously inspired by her little ones and the wilderness that surrounds them. 

Mollie has some fun, inanimate subjects in her stamp arsenal as well like this cup 'o joe or can of beans. 

What I like about Mollie's stamps is that they are made of real rubber (so they are built to last), plus they have a placement line on the side to help you see exactly where your image will appear on the paper. 

Handmade from start to finish, Mollie, along with her large family, has created over 200 stamp designs. See them all here...and happy crafting. 


Photos: Nora Jane     Content: Sweet Peach