Mad about Melmac

Melmac dinnerware, which was made quite fashionable in the 50's and 60's, has a wonderful design aesthetic as it endures to this day. Melmac pieces are made from melamine resin which is a very durable plastic that won't break. Designers, A.H Woodfull and Russel Wright created many popular lines that included bright colors and playful round and square shapes. The Etsy shop, JoonE in Austin, Texas offers these really pretty cream color coffee cups and bowl.

At one point, melmac pieces could be found in almost every home in America as they were chic and cheap and used for almost every occasion. In Hampton, Virginia, the shop Red Glue Sticks have these colorful, vintage Gitsware cups available.  

For the yard saler, melmac pieces are plentiful and cheap. There are some highly sought after, more expensive pieces however, depending on the designer. The yellow teacups and saucers above come via Mink Shop in Arlington, Virginia and are described as vintage Aztec. Luvvin Jewels in Memphis, Tennessee offer these wonderful melmac tumblers which are great for a picnic or backyard bbq. 

I've been an admirer on the sidelines but I need to add some melmac pieces to my dish collection. It makes me wonder if my mom has any stashed in her attic? Here's a fun site to learn more about the history of melmac. 


Photos: JoonE, Red Glue Sticks, Luvvin Jewels   Content: Sweet Peach