Foxwood Co.

A couple months back, my eye landed on this walnut vessel and it's been love at first sight ever since. This piece turned out to be one of many eye catching and original works be Annapolis, Maryland couple, Casey and Amy Johnson.

Casey is an artist and sculptor by trade and takes great pride in constucting aesthetically pleasing, clean and functional forms. Amy helps in the design process and streamlining the logistical and marketing side of things. It's a a good match as their pieces feel wholly original with staying power. As shared on their site, "Our hope is that they become heirlooms, gathering their stories from kitchens, dinner tables and homes as they are passed from hand to hand." 

Casey sources the wood locally and no dies or stains are used. What does shine through, however, is a great respect for the process, as it's evident Casey lets each piece of wood tell the tale it wants to tell. The results are simply stunning, much like Mother Nature herself. See the entirety of the incredibly lovely shop, Foxwood Co., here. 


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The Vintage Vogue

Handmade, gold, dipped, clean, minimal...these are all current home decor trends which also describe the work of Charlotte Bravo in Baltimore, Maryland. 

I love Charlotte's gold leaf and hand drawn trays. As she shares, these would not only work beautifully in serving your guests, they "would be equally lovely hung on the wall or up against a bookcase as art." 

Besides the pretty trays and trinket dishes, Charlotte crafts these original coasters on birch wood. Each one showcases its own modern, simple design but together, they make a beautiful set. See her entire collection, which also includes paper sculptures and lighting, here.


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Pillows by Colette Bream

Cute, cuddly and portable are perfect adjectives to describe a good kid's gift- which is why I love the handcrafted pillow creations of Colette Bream

Based in Kent Island, Maryland, Colette designs and crafts all her pillows by hand using natural materials. Each creature, thing or flower is made with 100% lambswool and 100% polyester stuffing. They come in different sizes too- some at just 10" tall, others as big as 26". 

Inspired by her own daughter, Colette has created these pillows to help nurture every child's vivid and vast imagination. Her things and creatures have personalities and unlimited stories to tell...over and over again. 

Peruse Colette's entire shop, which includes organic bedding, artwork and more cozy fun items for play and pretend, here.


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More Cool Stuff from Modern 50...

I have little time this morning to blog but I wanted to put together a few pics from my favorite design collective, Modern 50 in Paint Branch, Maryland. They seem to be the curator of all things cool. And they have a bit of everything - from seating, tables, lighting and storage to all manner of vintage oddities. 

Hope these finds offer a little inspiration for your weekend. Perusing the Modern 50 site is certainly fun, albeit a bit frustrating. You wish you could afford it all...


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Blue Claw Co.

The more I write about great men's products, the more I realize that those made with a classic, timeless design and built to last are the ones that resonate, the ones that endure. Founders of Blue Claw Co. in Maryland, Adam Blitzer and Alex Realmuto have embraced that concept and then some...

Alex and Adam make handsome luggage pieces for men that are as practical as they are stylish. Adam shares the company's mantra, "Make the best bags in the world and offer legendary customer service to our clients." Each bag goes through a rigorous test period where they are brought on planes and taken on various trips in order to access their ease of travel. If there is any wear and tear or design flaws, they make the adjustments needed. 

All of their products are handmade and assembled in the US. They offer two collections; Urban and Classic. The above is a briefcase from their Urban collection that I particularly love. For those men who work on the go, this is a great option as it's made of full grain leather and weather resistant waxed canvas. 

It's fun to peruse all their luggage options which include the weekend bag, the messenger bag and the overnight bag, all available in a multitude of colors. 

The Worton Weekender is an incredible gift for the traveling man. The largest tote made by Blue Claw, this bag, as stated on their site, "is purposefully engineered to maximize the amount of space inside the bag yet still fits in a regional jet's overhead bin." Made of full grain leather, ballistic nylon and a waterproof liner, it's a beauty meant to last. 

Most guys I know could use an upgrade to their Dopp kit and this one is a safe bet for great style and practicality. Made with waxed canvas and full grain leather, the De Gaulle Dopp has been designed to hold its shape as well as transport travel sized items and full sized ones. 

I love a guy who sports a stylish iPad or laptop and there are so many great cases to choose from these days. This one, however, catches my eye for its unique style and manly appeal. Made to fit all three iPad models, this case is made of weather resistant exterior canvas. As stated on their site, "This canvas will age over time, giving it a patina and making each item one of a kind." Timeless and classic, just like the manly man likes it...


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Modern 50, Tables and Desks

If you like to pass time perusing furniture sites, then you need to bookmark Modern 50. They curate and assemble incredible furnishings for both retail and the tv/film industry. This incredible mercantile desk is circa the 1890's, made of oak and built to last. The wear and tear over the last century shows...and that's a good thing. 

I was going to showcase a cross section of their wares but I couldn't get past the first category on their list, Tables and Desks. They're all such amazing pieces ranging in age, origin, condition and purpose. If you have a specific vintage piece in mind, chances are they have it...or can find it. 

Based in Paint Branch, Maryland, the creatives behind Modern 50 have a knack for finding amazing pieces, all with an industrial, salvaged or mid century feel. 

If I had to make a speech, I'd prefer to make it behind this 1930's vintage podium table. And I would very much like someone to buy me this Greenwich Slate Industrial Bar Cart. It's from the 1930's and the worn green patina on the salvaged steel frame is a bit dreamy, don't you think? 

This drafting table is an early American design from the 1920's. In wonderful condition, it would be so great in an artist's studio. It has a story to tell, and artists like stories...

As my mother could attest, I'm always drawn to the most expensive item in a room, and this gorgeous Danish rosewood and black vinyl dining set is evidence of that character flaw of mine. At $14,500, this dining set is certainly a stunning centerpiece. Made in the 1950's, the table is by Neils Vodder and the ladder back chairs by Neils Kofoed and JL Moller. Furniture sites are fun to peruse, until you get depressed by them. Sigh...

See all of Modern 50's beautifully curated or created finds here. 


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Enlighten Me...

If you want to spend a little extra money on one item in a room, a well designed light fixture is a safe bet. After all, a pretty and unique light can quickly become the focal point of a room. And since lights have the power to be brightened or dimmed, they also dictate our mood...

Two different light companies have caught my attention on Etsy this week; Worley's Lighting based in Charlotte, North Carolina and Dylan Design Co. of Baltimore, Maryland. It's industrial chic at its best. I really love the pendants with the bright red cords. I just want to design a whole room around the set of three...

This industrial lamp, via Worley's Lighting is made of "sleek metal, finely aged barn wood and topped with a glowing beacon of a bulb." Great piece...

Find this vintage inspired Rocket Lamp with Edison bulb here. And how can you write a Southern design blog and not include mason jar lights? Always a fan favorite.

It's fun to see designers play with the Edison bulb as it's such a great invention. These rustic bookends are made from salvaged wood and would look great in a home office or just the right shelf...

This pair of sweetly rustic lights can work as wall sconces or desk lights. And at $45 per light, it's a great deal. Happy Weekend everyone. I'm hoping to stay in and get some work done, perhaps watch a little Olympics and if we're all lucky here in the South, listen to the rain...


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Sixteen Tons

A good mens shop is always so satisfying as they are few and far between. If you live in Baltimore, Maryland or plan to pass through there soon, may I suggest you check out Sixteen Tons. As they state on their site, they stock "a variety of clothing, accessories and accoutrements that are timeless in their look, feel and purpose. 

They stock a variety of manly labels that cater to the modern gentleman. These include Propector Co, Makia, Ivy Prepster and J Fold. 

Every good mens shop cares about grooming. I love this old fashioned wet shave jelly they carry by Portland General Store. This has a real masculine scent without any harsh chemicals. Some notable ingredients include aloe juice, organic lemon extract, bilberry extract and witch hazel. 

I hope you get a chance to see Sixteen Tons in person. Without wasting much time you'll find what you need and be pleasantly surprised at what you can add to your wardrobe and dop kit...unique items with a lot of style and swagger. And I know every manly man can appreciate that.


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Colette Bream

"Simplicity" and "Innocence" are the motivations behind the lovely designs of Colette Bream. Originally from Europe, she is now based in Kent Island, Maryland with her husband and young daughter. She creates things that are made from natural fabrics and have a thousand stories to tell- as in the adorable cloud seen above. Colette explains, "A whole story can be created around a simple cloud. You can hang it up on your wall and start pretending, making up stories and imagining."

Colette is a dreamer and a nurturer - you can see that in all her pieces. She wants her items to please and stir the imagination. 

In describing her process in making her pillows, Colette explains "I'll start with my small hand-drawn sketch, then re-draw it in the actual size and transfer it to grid paper." She tediously fills in each grid with pencil- as many as 20,000 per pillow, which will soon become stitches. She adds, "I knit my own fabric, which is later gently washed and blocked. Once that is done, I sew the pieces together and add the finishing touches." A true labor of love...

I love her toddler bedding sets, beautifully modeled here by her daughter, Skye. They are all handmade bed linens made of 100% organic cotton sateen. Colette adds ribbon ties as a perfect finishing touch...

If you were to visit my house right now, you would see I'm a bit obsessed with garlands. They are in my kitchen, living room, front porch and back porch and I still want more. These colorful felted garlands by Colette aren't just for the kids- it's the perfect touch of character to add to a window, above a doorway. to hang straight or bundled together. Let your imagination run wild...

Thank you for sharing your creations with us Colette. Simply lovely...

Happy weekend everyone! 


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The Modern Birdhouse...

If I was a bird, I think I'd be doing my best to get dibs on a modern birdhouse like this one. Jumahl of Upper Marlboro, Maryland is the mastermind behind this idyllic aviary abode. But this modern camper isn't built for just any bird. The hole size, just 1.5 inches, attracts primarily bluebirds, tree swallows, wrens and sapsuckers. 

Jumahl offers some sage advice, "It is important to put these in deep shade so the metal top doesn't turn them into solar cookers." And it's best to take good care of your camper house as Jumahl has certainly taken the best care in handcrafting them. As he explains, "Even though most people prefer to display these indoors, i do go to the expense ($125/sheet) of using marine grand Okoume plywood from a local lumber supply store, which is both sustainable and weather resistant, for durability outside, along with exterior enamel paint." 

Marc Ellis of Charlotte, North Carolina handcrafts some really beautiful birdhouses from a variety of wood to increase texture and depth. This one, called Wave, is made from South American Canary, African Padauk and American Maple. 

All of Mark's birdhouses are eco-friendly. The materials used are salvaged scrap wood and all glues and finishes are water based. 

Mid Century Modern is one of my favorites. I love the combination of wood textures and I just know my backyard birds would be fighting for prime position in this swank hangout. Thanks for sharing your amazing handiwork Jumahl and Marc. We so appreciate your passion... and great taste.


Photos: Jumahl / Koolbird    Content: Sweet Peach


Dogs with hats

I have a thing for dogs in hats. The whole outfit ensemble can prove a bit sad to me as the dog often wants no part of it, but a hat...that's just fun. Even if they get a little annoyed, it's kinda worth it. Above is the Oh Christmas Tree hat, hand crocheted with kelly green yarn and trimmed with red and white crocheted Christmas balls.

Bernadette and Julie, a mother and daughter team from Sykesville, Maryland have lovingly created these hats for pooches of all sizes but the inspiration comes from their three pugs; Jellybean, Pickles and Pumpkin. Pickles has grabbed the limelight from her siblings however. As Bernadette shares, "Pickles loves to model. Jellybean and Pumpkin like to stay behind the scenes." Find the Little Devil hat here and the Dog Groom wedding hat here. 

It's kinda hard not to love your dog infinitely when they put on the Church Mouse hat. If you prefer something a little more subdued, I like the neck warmer which can be adorned with a flower of your choice. 

I do believe I've saved the best for last. Pickles strikes a pose in the fabulous Carmen Miranda ensemble, which includes an apple, orange, banana, cherries and grapes. It's hard to top this ...yet in the new year, Bernadette and Julie will venture into the not so charted territory of cat hats. I look forward to sharing their feline creations that will amaze me in the sheer fact the cats keep them on long enough for a photograph. Thanks for sharing your wonderful dog hats Bernadette and Julie. To see all of their creations, which would make an excellent holiday gift, just click here. 


Slippin' Southern

There's something about a cool, handmade, wooden sign that evokes the spirit of the South. Gregory Morris of Slippin' Southern makes these wonderful signs and I have to say I'm a bit partial to this blue trailer. Made from Southern pine plywood, this trailer makes me want to go to the Carolina coast with some friends - go swimming in the ocean, have a bonfire at the beach. It'll be our own little getaway, carefree and welcoming...

At the age of 20, Gregory moved from Pensacola, Florida to the midwest. It was here that he found love, got married and spent the next 20 years of his life. A couple of years ago, he and his midwest gal decided to pack it up and move south, finding a home in Snow Hill, North Carolina. Gregory was happy to return, "I started to remember all of the little sayings and ways in which Southerners speak. I had forgotten how different the South was and I think being away from it made me see the South with fresh eyes and ears. That's how Slippin' Southern came about and that's what influences so many of my pieces." 

Gregory's current favorite piece is the Pensacola Beach Sand Dollar as it reminds him of his childhood when his parents took him to the ocean. As a kid, he distinctly remembers the "beautiful, white sand dollars that would wash ashore from the emerald green Gulf of Mexico." This blue marlin is also a great piece and I love how it came to be. As Gregory explains, "I've always wanted a huge marlin to hang on my wall but I've never had the chance to go deep sea fishing and catch one. So I created my own marlin because I know there are a lot of guys out there that have never been able to catch their own either." For any fisherman- from the expert to the dreaming kind, this marlin can provide hope and cool all at the same time. 

Gregory's shop has about 50 signs currently and many are playful words and sayings that remind him of life in the South. These can add such charm and presence to a kitchen or a porch.

Gregory sells his pieces all over the world and often to those who have moved away from the South, as he once did. As Gregory tells it, "I feel like I'm sending them a little slice of deep fried Southern charm." 

This last one, Mister Crab, derives from a memory that can be strong for all of Gregory explains, "It was made because of my memories of Cantler's Restaurant in Maryland. It's a great seafood and crab bar restaurant on the water. You can watch the crab boats come in and deliver their catch almost as you eat, it's terrific." See all of Gregory's signs here, which are customizable with 16 color options. Thanks so much for sharing them Gregory and we're so happy all y'all came back...


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