Martha Gone Wrong...

I visited my mom for a few days last week in South Carolina and as is custom, we were thinking of a recipe that we could shoot for the blog. I perused Martha Stewart's v-day ideas and found a recipe for cute conversation heart cookies. I liked the idea of custom making a Sweet Peach cookie, plus my mom already had heart shaped cookie cutters so I thought it was fate. I just didn't know that fate meant a lesson in failure...oh Martha. 

This is what the heart conversation cookies look like on Martha's site... "Oh wow," you may say, "They look so pretty and amazing!" 

They don't really...not when you're an average person with average baking skills. My mom and I lacked the Martha-know-how to make the icing completely flat on top of the cookie, which therefore made stamping quite difficult. And we couldn't make the icing shape a perfect heart like you see in the picture. Maybe it's just another way of Martha saying she's better than us. She taunts us with come hither messages like luv u and call me...but does she really mean it? 

I do like Martha's idea of making heart shaped cookies with different colored icing. You just need to remember, a Martha recipe often means buying specialty ingredients like Meringue Powder, gel paste icing and if you try the stamps- a custom stamp kit, which runs $30 at your local Staples store. Ammend the recipe to your liking, preferably to what you already have in your kitchen cabinets.

Making the dough was easy enough but it is one of those recipes that you should allow two days for. The first to make the dough and cookies, the second to add the icing and allow it to harden. 

Looking back, I was enjoying cutting out the heart shaped cookies with the heart shaped cookie cutters. I felt good about myself, "This is fun" I thought, "What a great day this is." I had yet to feel the feelings of failing Miss Martha. 

Out of the 100 heart shaped cookies we made, about 18 looked halfway decent...but, using the icing to make the stamp didn't work for us. I had to use the ink from the stamp itself to make the message readable atop the cookie. So they're only partly edible. You can eat the edges.

My best advice is to use the recipe to make the cookies and add your favorite icing on top. Forget the stamping...or maybe just forget it all together. Go buy a box of your favorite chocolates in a cute tin with a bow on it. Something made by professionals that won't test your patience or make you feel less than. B Mine? No thanks Martha. But Happy Valentine's Day anyway!


Photos: Sweet Peach, Martha Stewart    Content: Sweet Peach