Habitat Une

I love finding new art to share on Sweet Peach. This week it comes via Mark Seagraves of Greenville, North Carolina. In his shop, Habitat Une, he crafts one of a kind pieces that are a play in form and color. As Mark shares, he finds inspiration in "nature, architecture and imagined shapes." 

Mark locally sources reclaimed wood for his creations. He collects pallets from his neighborhood lumber yard or more often from homes and buildings that are being torn down to make way for new structures. Mark, "As those homes, churches and businesses are being raised, they lose what I think makes them special- the original oak flooring, the giant support rafters, cedar lining and framing." Those losses are our gains, including this lovely piece above, inspired by the art deco period. 

I like how Mark mixes up his styles. As he shared, "I really enjoy the whole creative process. My favorite thing is that moment when an idea comes, it's like a spark." His blue Color Block is one of my favorites...

See Mark's entire shop, which inlcudes headboards, wooden wreaths and abstract paintings, here. 


Photos: HabitatUne       Content: Sweet Peach