Antique Sale at Bobo

Mark Sage of Bobo Intriguing Objects has been busy. He recently traveled the world (as he does every month) to select and import 6 containers of antiques. Normally he does this for his wholesalers- but this year, for the first time, he's opening it up to the public as well. And the best part is, all the prices will stay at the wholesale rate. 

If you haven't had a glimpse of his 15,000 square foot showroom, you're in for a treat. This is the most packed I've ever seen it. Every inch seems to be covered with something old and cool, and a mad array of items that are one of a kind, not to be found in your average store.

All the antiques at this weekend's sale Mark recently procured in France, Belgium, Sweden and Eastern Europe. 

In the middle of the showroom, you'll find some pretty long tables. The table to the right is 38' long and came from a church in Northern France. The impressive orange pendant lights were once industrial cogs bought in France that Mark then had turned into light fixtures. 

I love these old ladders too. For $135 you can own a ladder that just a few months ago, was sitting in a barn in Ophain, Belgium. 

All I can say is if you're in Atlanta this weekend, don't miss this event. All the details can be found right here. Hope to see you there...


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Bobo Warehouse Sale #2

In case you missed the first giant warehouse sale, Atlanta based Bobo Intriguing Objects will be opening their doors to the public once again, this Friday and Saturday (3/27, 3/28). I got a sneak peek last week to take some pics for Sweet Peach and this sale may be even better than the last. So many ridiculously good finds- like these wooden letters and numbers, sold separately at just $30 each. 

As they say over at Bobo, think of it as a super-luxe estate sale. Inside the 20k square foot space, you'll find wall to wall unique, cool and quirky conversation pieces- and everything is priced to move. Many items are discontinued, less than perfect, samples and one-offs. 

Their silver collection is designed and made by Bobo and all of the pieces are inspired by old hotel silver. These serving domes are about as fun as serving domes get, priced well at just $85 each. 

Iron medicine cabinets, wooden planters made of azobe wood, natural horn desk accessories and barware collections...statues, baskets, frames, mirrors, cribs, lights, birdhouses, signs. It's never ending and the best part is each piece feels like it's one of a kind. 

I'm particularly excited that my good friend, Clarke Titus from Rough South Home now has his workshop situated in the back of Bobo. At this sale, you'll see a bit of his latest handiwork in stools, tables, benches, chairs and even some prototypes and one-offs, many at deep discounts. Don't miss this. 

Big glass vases for $10 each...rustic glass cloches for $35's just too fun to peruse this space. And if you can make the trip, the sale is two days only: Friday, March 27 and Saturday, March 28 from 9am- 6pm. For more details, click here. Just arrive early and ready to load up, items will move fast and furious...


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The Bobo Warehouse Sale

If I encourage you to do one thing this week, let it be a visit to BoBo Intriguing Objects' first ever warehouse sale in Atlanta. Doors open this Friday, September 12 and Saturday, September 13, from 10am-6pm. 

Mark Sage has been in the business of buying vintage and designing antique reproductions for a couple decades now. And his massive 100k square foot, full-of-this-and-that-warehouse, proves it. He's the guy with the dream job, as he travels each month internationally to seek out the unique and unusual in remote villages of Argentina, Poland, Belgium, France, Sweden, Vietnam, India and more. 

As one of the major suppliers to Restoration Hardware, Mark has over 18 fixers around the world that keep an eye out for original pieces to buy or be inspired from. With a close working relationship with dozens of factories internationally, Mark also has an infrastructure and network unlike any other. Up until this Friday, his doors have never been open to the public, only to dealers and designers. So trust me when I say, this is a real treat. 

You'll find thousands of antiques here as well as antique reproductions designed by Mark. Many are one of a kind prototypes he had made but never sold. As his marketing guru, Aysan Balkhanian says, "You can find just about anything in here." 

Lighting is an important part of the BoBo line and you'll see hundreds of original fixtures dangling from the ceilings. 90% of their lighting is made in Poland and materials are usually raw- like driftwood, wine barrels, metal and unfinished wood.  

I particularly liked the hundreds of vintage Belgian school chairs stacked in the back part of the warehouse...

This was my first BoBo purchase- a few stacks of Vietnamese rice bowls dating back to 1886. They were recovered from a sunken ship - how cool is that? Each one has a different shape and coloring. Some lie flat, others are a bit rolly polly. And at just $3 a piece, such a steal...

You can also choose from dozens of deer horns sourced from the Czech Republic...

Aysan, "Mark is the person who finds items where people say, 'Where did you even get that?' He has an eye." 

It's true. You can find anything in here, even Mel Gibson. There will be significant markdowns with prices ranging from a few bucks to over $10,000. Even if you don't buy a thing, it's so much fun just to peruse Mark's diverse and valuable collections, both new and old, sourced or inspired from all over the globe. His dream job turns into our dream afternoon...Here's the flyer, now go check it out! 


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An Office to Love...

As a freelance TV producer, I spend a lot of time in the field and, although I enjoy that time immensely, I miss the coziness and stability of an office. I miss the chance to make my work space inviting and fun with a mix of things gathered and loved. So if I do get the chance for an office someday, I will be looking to this one for decor ideas. It's all the inspiration I could ever ask for...

Scott Lowden is a photographer and has had this gem of a work space for 18 years. It's situated in the Poncey Highlands area of Atlanta and has enough space, (8000 square feet worth) to allow Scott to play with his love of antiques and unusual finds. 

I absolutely love these chandeliers that hang low over the large dining/conference table. The one to the left is from Mexico and dates back to the 1800's. As I was admiring all the incredible tables in his space, Scott confided, "I have a large table fetish." Now that's a fetish I can appreciate...

What I love about this space are the details. No matter where you look, from shelves to cabinets and oversized wall space, Scott is able to create pretty pictures with all his favorite finds. 

For those that have lived in Atlanta for a while, you may remember the Lakewood Antiques Market. This incredible, extra large green cabinet Scott purchased there for less than $500. Such a steal... 

When I asked Scott what he wanted his office space to look and feel like, he answered, "An antique store in Paris." That reminds me to always think big as that's such a great vision for an office.

Scott rents out and shares this large communal space with a few other business owners and freelancers, including the Atlanta Intown Paper. That's how I first found him. I went to visit Wendy and Collin at the paper and discovered that they inhabit an office that may just be Atlanta's best kept secret. Shhh....

When Scott first got a hold of this space, he had to spend a few years getting it into shape...sandblasting, painting, installing the AC and heating. It was a lot of physical work but he knew it was worth it. It's the kind of place that has that one of a kind, timeless quality to it. If loved and cared for, it can only get better with age...

Another pretty gathering of Scott's found materials sits atop a bookshelf...

Near the entryway, you'll find this incredible red patterned piece. Turns out it's flooring from Eastern Europe, purchased from the wonderful Mark Sage. Scott decided to convert it into a wall panel that slides open to reveal a storage area when needed. 

The various antique panels transformed into barn doors are found throughout the space and are the unifying design element here. It's an office that could never of happened overnight. It demands time, patience, care, curiosity and a vision. Luckily, Scott's got a handle on all that...


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach

The Mark Sage Office

If a guy could dream up his ultimate office, I bet items like a pool table, pinball machine, motorcyle, bourbon, cigars, priceless art and leather chairs would all make the list...yet seem impossibly unlikely to all be gathered in one room. Unless you're Mark Sage, owner of Love Train Antiques and co-owner of Bobo Intriguing Objects.

Mark's impressive 1200 square feet office is a sight to behold. It's the kind of office that makes you question the direction of your life. Mark travels the world 8 days a month acquiring unique items for his company to sell to retailers or to find inspiration for Bobo's own line of home decor items. I love his collection of vibrant Vespas which sit below a Todd Murphy original. This art installation is a collection of real eggs that are as small as a hummingbird's to as large as an ostrich's. 

When you first walk into Mark's office, you'll notice a large table for meetings and creative endeavors. The prints along the back wall are the legacy of famed Argentinian blacksmith, Jose Thenee, which Mark acquired. They are drawings for projects Jose was commissioned to work on, in either metal or iron. Many of these original drawings can now be bought through Restoration Hardware. 

For over 14 years, Mark has amassed quite the collection of original goods. As he shared with me, "I've spent my life in flea markets around the world. Various items inspire me, packaging inspires me. If the item is cool, i'll bring it home and put it in my office." It's the kind of office you can stay in for hours and gradually annoy Mark, asking "What's this?" ... "Oh, and what about this, where'd you get that?" 

Mark's employees know that his morning routine begins first and foremost with a cup of coffee and a game of pinball. "Before that happens," says Mark, "they know not to talk to me." 

These wine sphere chandeliers are from the Bobo line and one of their top sellers. Great lighting is everywhere inside Bobo...

As I travel with just my Canon SLR camera and a tripod, I had trouble doing this office justice. I needed professional lighting and a wider lens... but hopefully you get a sense of how cool, inviting and interesting it all is. Although I did not capture a great shot of it, you'll notice there's a tall statue atop Mark's desk. It's a life sized wooden carving of St. Jude which he bought from a small church in Belgium. It's his favorite of all the items he has collected over the years. 

Mark has a strong love for music and books and you'll see evidence of this throughout his office. You'll also find some liquor on hand as well as a side table that has been overtaken with lighters and ashtrays and other intriguing smoking items. As he shared, "First you buy one, which turns into five, then hundreds..." His collection is vast, ranging from over 30 different countries. 

I liked this black and white print as soon as I saw it. When I asked Mark about the guy with the stash and sash, he replied that the photograph is of a circus strongman and that he bought it from a little antique shop in Austin, Texas. He divulges that he has a thing for carnival and circus paraphernalia, adding "Maybe I have gypsy blood in me." 

I don't know much about motorcyles, but I know this is a nice one. It's a 1958 Norton. Mark was digging through a barn of antiques in Rosario, Argentina and found this bike under a blanket. It was in perfect condition so he bought it and drove it around Argentina for three days.

Mark brought the bike back to the States and propped it up right next to his desk. Every time he looks at it, he remembers the freedom and fun of riding around the culturally rich country of Argentina... Just a man and his bike. Can't beat that. 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach 


Obscure and Fabulous...

Last week I had the good fortune of visiting a most interesting locale. Open to selected retailers and designers, (and an eager blogger) Bobo Intriguing Objects is a furniture manufacturer that specializes in unconventional and inventive goods for the home.  

Bobo Intriguing Objects is owned and operated by two men who encompass a strong passion for world travel, artistry and originality. Mark Sage is based in the United States (Atlanta) and Rudi Nijssen in Europe (Antwerp, Belgium.) They each travel the world- most recently in France, Sweden, Argentina, the Philippines and China - seeking original art or ideas for great pieces to make and sell to retailers worldwide. 

As Mark shared, "I spend my life in flea markets around the world." His objects, whether acquired or inspired, feel different because he puts in the hours and the time and care to take the path less traveled. He adds, "I like to visit the places that aren't in any guide book. I like to get out in the country, eat street food, go to the small bars and antique shops. The soft underbelly I call it. You find the coolest stuff there." How badly I ache for those serving domes...

Leah Dobbs is the Sales and Marketing Director and describes the Bobo philosophy as "Bohemian bourgeois, hip and earthy." Adding "We love to repurpose something." 

Perhaps the first thing you notice while walking into Bobo are the lights. They are all large and incredible pieces, demanding your attention. These pendants were made out of found pieces of driftwood in Poland. 

These four panels were created by artist, Tony Hernandez, a Georgia native, whom also has seen his paintings grace the album covers for the band, Train. The children depicted in these pieces are inspired by Jewish refugees and drawings found on the walls of the kindercamps in Auschitz. They are created on birch panels using a slow and meticulous process called encaustic painting, which in Greek means "to burn in." By melting together layers of beeswax and damar resin, each piece is given a three dimensional feel characteristic of Tony's work. 

All the silver pieces on this table were designed by Mark, Rudi and their team. Each piece was inspired by an antique but given a modern twist. How wonderful are the silver baskets with bird feet? 

The fabulous desk light to the right was created by Mark after seeing whisks inside an old bakery in Europe.

As Leah shared, "Mark always wants to push the envelope and stay away from the norm. He loves obscure, unique and random objects." You'll find a lot of eyes, from around the world, staring at you when you walk throughout Bobo...

There are plenty of unique, well made items to see here, each with their own story to tell. The delightful pillows are by artist Deborah Baker in Chicago. All her work is hand stitched freehand and is based loosely on the narrative of her life...

Bobo sells to thousands of boutiques nationwide and Leah was kind enough to share a few from the South if you'd like to experience a bit of Bobo's bohemian cool yourself.  

GDC Home. Charleston, South Carolina; Acorns. Highlands, North Carolina; Bungalow Classic. Atlanta, Georgia; The Paris Market. Savannah, Georgia;  Duh. Pensacola, Florida; Mecox Gardens. West Palm Beach, Florida; Williams and Sherrill. Richmond, Virginia; Revival. Chattanooga, Tennessee; Atchison Imports. Mobile, Alabama; MCJ Interiors. Birmingham, Alabama. 

And if you do get the opportunity to visit Bobo Intriguing Objects, Leah's adorable lab, Oscar, will be more than happy to meet you at the front door. But sad to see you go. I know how you feel Oscar... I had such a great time here. Thank you to Leah, Mark and everyone at Bobo who made my visit so fun. Be sure to stick around for the next Manly Monday post which will showcase owner Mark Sage's 1200 square foot office. You think you have a nice office? You have no idea...


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach