Machine Shop Lighting

It's fun to write about an indulgent piece of home decor once in a while. I have lots of them bookmarked on my laptop, including this recent addition of handcrafted light fixtures from Machine Shop Lighting in Austin, Texas. 

With a background in construction, architecture and engineering, Marc Knight creates lights that he himself would like to own- lights of superior quality that have personality, style and clean lines. Like all of the lights Marc makes, the Lawrence Pulley, pictured above, is made using A36 raw steel and a glass cone that is crafted from 3/8" thick Pyrex glass. 

This is the Haegglund. I want two of these lights placed on either side of my back porch door. They'd look so great amongst my black and white decor...

The Harrison Pulley is much like the Lawrence except it affixes straight to the wall. I love how these pieces are as functional as they are pleasing to the eye. The detail work is impeccable...

As the Machine Shop crew state on their site, "Our glass is made the way it should be. Hand shaped with distinct lines, strong and clear." All the metal for the fixtures are precisioned machined and fitted. The entire process places quality above all other criteria and the results speak for themelves. Truly stunning...Learn more about Machine Shop Lighting here. 


Photos: Machine Shop Lighting   Content: Sweet Peach