Peach Picks: Sarah Neuburger

Oh Sarah. She is easily one of my favorite people in my life. Sarah is an illustrator, designer and owner of The Small Object. She illustrates my Sweet Peach Sweet Spots papers and Sweet Peach videos. Sarah is not just a true talent, she's also incredibly kind, generous, funny and adorable and I love to say that she is also my friend. It was a no brainer to ask her to share some of her holiday favorites. And her list does not disappoint...but of course. Thank you Sarah! 

Take Your Time Loving Me Print, $40. I try to hang pieces around the house that remind me of what's important in life. This print ranks right up there. You can't rush a good thing and taking time to love is time well spent. 

Bean and Bailey Pattern Cup, $25. One of my favorite mugs is one that my wife and I bought at the Decatur Arts Festival several years ago. I covet this cup from Anderson Bailey and Jessie Bean of Bean and Bailey in Chattanooga. This is mark making at its finest and dreamiest to me. Yes, please! 

Fontanette Boots by Bed Stu, $260. I tried these boots on locally at Sq/Ft in Decatur and that was that. They are still on my brain and would be the definite splurge of the season. The oxblood color I adore and the side zipper is like someone opening the door for me every time I come home with my arms full of groceries. Such a simple, thoughtful convenience but oh so appreciated. 

Waxed Canvas Polka Dot and Yellow Tote Bag, $160. I feel like I've been looking for the perfect tote bag for ages and this one fits the bill! Amy Nieto runs Little Bright Studio and I originally met her when she was organizing the Mutation Craft Fair in Savannah, GA - before she left the South for Portland. 

Clue Town Books: Atlanta BeltLine, $15. Jay Carlson makes ready-to-solve scavenger hunts for various neighborhoods around Atlanta. The BeltLine is one of the newest and I am so excited to do it! Jay and I shared a vendor booth at the Decatur Book Festival a couple of years back and I can definitely say these clever books are a hit with kids and adults alike. 

The Amazing Wise Tattoo Bundle, $45. Last year, I took a ten day meditation course and the one non-essential item that went with me was Suzanne's 'breathe' tattoo on my wrist. It stayed on during the duration of the course and was a wonderful, gentle reminder. Today, I continue to wear it with the fondest of memories. 

Prisma Earrings, $45. At the Indie Craft Experience last month, I bought the ring to this set and wear it weekly- which says a lot, given I opted for a tattooed wedding ring vs. having to wear the real thing. The ring is so stellar, now I'm wishing for these earrings. 

Cat Face Lapel Pin, $38. I am a cat person. We have three at home and talk about them way too much. (We just had a conversation if one of our cats should be the only image on our holiday card this year.) Given that the cats haven't taken to walking on a leash with much enthusiasm, when they are left at home, I can sport this pin to find my fellow cat lovers. 

Squiggle Studs, $46. These earrings by Annika Kaplan rank high on my list. She was trained at Savannah College of Art and Design so it's a well deserved shout out to Savannah (our home before Atlanta). Annika's earrings are the perfect balance of playful and simple. 

A Donation to PAWS Atlanta. Our first and only dog, Milton was adopted from PAWS this January and our life has been made all the richer. So many of my very dear friends work or have worked at PAWS- plus various friends have come into my life because of this wonderful organization. I am so grateful for this community. This year, Milton requests a gift in his honor. Done, my friend. 

DIY Constellation Quilt, $38. Who doesn't love the constellations? This sew your own quilt is on my to-do list for 2015 and seems perfectly manageable. You can bet it will be sewn with glow in the dark embroidery thread! I could of only dreamed of such choices as a kid. I love taking this size quilt into the car on road trips...


Top Illustration: Rob Wilson of Silas Tom