Linda Tillman

Linda Tillman has a lot of talent. For the past 30 years, she has made a career as a textile, apparel and home products designer. Now, she paints. It's a hobby she started ten years ago but it has been more than able to generate interest (and income) through Ebay and her Etsy shop. 

As a longtime collector of Eames era furniture, Linda found inspiration through painting mid century decor and snapshots of modern living. 

Linda, "My style is Expressionist/Impressionist. I like to see the paint do its thing. Bold brush strokes and colors mixing right on the canvas characterize my work. I like exaggerated size and unusual cropping, frequently creating negative shapes and empty spaces that can be filled with color and imagination." 

After working for years in both NY and LA, Linda has settled happily in Greensboro, North Carolina with her two cats and two pups. Away from the noise and distractions that many big cities exude, Linda seems to have found a content space to live and paint- and reinvent herself. See all of her talented creations, here. 


Illustrations: Linda Tillman     Content: Sweet Peach