Lesley Patterson-Marx

I love to be a part of the artist community here in the South. There is so much support, encouragement and cross promotion among us as we all believe so strongly in the arts. Atlanta based photographers and filmmakers, Christine Anthony and Owen Masterson are among my friends here and they were kind enough to send along a few photographs they took of an artist they happened upon in Nashville last week. Her name is Lesley Patterson-Marx...

Lesley's workshop, like each photograph, speaks a thousand words. She's a collector, a dreamer, a feeler and maker. Lesley, "Through the process of making prints, drawings, artist's books and mixed-media work, I express my sense of wonder at the connections between human life and abundant beauty of the natural world, my sense of awe at the discovery of order within chaos and my perception of the sublime mysteries that lie within the mundane." 

Her Book Objects are playful yet layered and complex. She is inspired by the histories of people and things and enjoys the process of giving each found object new meaning and narrative. With items like her jars of buttons, old photos, bug-eaten leaves and cicada wings, Lesley crafts rich stories yet to be told. 

Her body of work is impressive as it also includes drawings, sculptural objects and handmade sketchbooks. These intricate books are crafted with hand printed cloth and hand printed paper and are meant to hold and care for your old photos and collected treasures...

I particularly love Lesley's Paper Quilts. Lesley, "In my most recent work, I use printmaking as a form of collage, cutting up textures and images from larger prints that I have made. I then sew them together to form quilt like pieces that are meditations on the interconnectedness of all things, silhouettes from anonymous photographs of a bygone era, on which the viewer is free to cast his or her own narrative." 

Raised in Kentucky, now residing in Tennessee, Lesley is a southern girl through and through. Lesley, "In my work, you will find a cast of characters including the swallowtail butterfly, the mockingbird, the tulip poplar, cicadas, kudzu, my grandparents and many found photographs of anonymous southern people from long ago."

She adds, "The South is a mysterious and complex place, where the beautiful and painful histories co-exist." And history is best told and remembered through art... See all of Lesley's lovely mixed-media work, here. You can also see her work in person at the upcoming 4 Bridges Arts Festival in Chattanooga, April 10-12 or ongoing at Eastside Story in Nashville. 

And click here to peruse the work of Christine Anthony and Owen Masterson...they're all southern artists you need to know about, support and encourage...


Images: Anthony-Masterson; Lesley Patterson-Marx    Content: Sweet Peach