Peach Picks: Jeanée Ledoux

Jeanée Ledoux has a great eye. She curates her online shop, Finely Crafted, to perfection. She's inspired by color, mid-century design, clean lines, original points of view- plus, an artist herself, she has collaborated with a handful of her favorite artists around the globe to create stunning, unique home decor pieces. So of course I asked Jeanée to share her gift picks with Sweet Peach. And as expected, they did not disappoint. Thank you so much for the fab gift list Jeanée. Enjoy...

Mexican chocolate sugar by Beautiful Briny Sea, $16. This sugar blend brings chocolatey heat to braised meats as well as French toast. Now that's an intriguing condiment! 

Gem salt bowls by Bean & Bailey Ceramics, $10 each. These versatile pocelain bowls can gather wee things on a stovetop, bedside table or desk. I adore the pale storm and sherbet glazes mixed up in Chattanooga. 

Bag of homemade caramels by Tiny Buffalo, from $8.25. Sugar and butter and salt. Enough said! 

Walnut flash drive by Son of a Sailor, $36. I seem to have about 537 graphic designers on my list, so I'm on the lookout for stylish gadgetry. 

State letterpress print by Paper Parasol Press, $26. I'm head over heels for the mid-century inspired illustration style of Cindy Tomczyk. She's made a letterpress homage to 39 states, so that covers nearly everyone on your gift list, eh? 

Range ring in gold by Is Was & Will Be, $34 each. I love the delicate simplicity of my friend, Telle Lefler's brass rings, hammered into one of a kind mountain silhouettes. 

Minimalist porcelain Christmas Trees by Honeycomb Studio, $191. Give modern porcelain decor to a loved one who decks out the mantel or credenza instead of a tree. (Like me! Will someone please give me this cluster?!)

Horizon card set of 5 by Native Bear, from $6. Native Bear epitomizes a tribal, modern style that's timeless, not trendy. Speaking of timeless, these block printed notes are useful year round. I can never keep enough cards in my desk. 

Fabric calendar by Jennifer Lesley, $18. I was super impressed by rookie pattern designer, Jennifer Lesley at the holiday Indie Craft Experience. I bought two of these wall hangings without particular friends in mind because they're good staples for the 'present closet.'

Watercolor iPhone case by Britt Bass, $10. This fledgling Atlanta artist is rocketing toward fame, so invest in her original abstract paintings now, and buy her patterned gifts for friends! 

Traveler mug in natural by Go Forth Goods, $25. A few men in my life will find Nathan Ross Martin's leather mugs under the tree. They're beautifully made and practical, plus I admire that he gives 10% of his profits to charity. 

Succulent poster by Finely Crafted and Leah Duncan, $45. I must be a Christmas cactus in another life because I deeply relate to succulents. For other planty people, my friend Leah Duncan and I collaborated on this print series that's a playful take on old botanical drawings. 


Top illustration: Rob Wilson of Silas Tom  Pics from respective artists    Content: Sweet Peach


Holiday Gift Picks for the Entertainer...

Our special feature of Holiday Gift Picks continues today with guest artisan, Leah Duncan. Leah is one of my favorite southern designers, crafting the most delicious pillows, scarves, tea towels and prints so I was thrilled when she said yes to my request. Leah, "For the gift guide, I was drawn to a lot of tableware and linens so I wanted to focus on gifts for the home entertainer. I hope you like it!" 

1. MASON SHAKER $29. Leah, Because everyone needs a mason shaker. 

2. CANOE LEATHER COASTERS $64. These beautifully crafted leather coasters by Canoe will make a unique statement and are the perfect combination of classic and rustic to work with anyone's home decor.

3. A NEW TURN IN THE SOUTH $22.99. A modern spin on southern food, this book by Canadian turned southerner, Hugh Acheson is a perfect gift for the entertainer who loves to cook. 

4. MARFA BRAND SOAP $30 for box. These Marfa brand soaps are amazing! They will add a perfect touch to anyone's guest bathroom. 

5. LEBORED TEA LIGHT HOLDERS, $36. These wooden tea light holders from Lebored are rustic, simple and geometric, all perfect for the modern entertainer. 

6. RIFLE PAPER PLACE CARDS $7.50. Rifle Paper Co. is always amazing and these place cards are no exception. 

7. LETTERPRESS RECIPE CARDS $15. These vegetable recipe cards by Studio SloMo are classic and her craftsmanship is some of the best I've seen. Perfect for any home cook! 

8. UNCORKED GLASS, $44 for 4. These southern made glasses by Uncorked Glass Company are great to mix and match with other dinnerware. Plus, they are the perfect color of cobalt. 

9. TEXTILES BY CONSTANCE $36. These beautiful linen napkins by Constance Holt are so classic, they will spruce up any occasion. 

10. HAAND CERAMICS CLOUDWARE BOWLS, starting at $35. The small size of these bowls make them versatile for any table setting. They're also so beautiful that they could be just for display, as is all of the work at Haand. 



Finely Crafted

Great shop owners have a photographer's eye. When displaying their wares, they're good at spacial relationships, color and Jeanee Ledoux who curates her lovely shop, Finely Crafted (inside Paris on Ponce) in Atlanta. 

I particularly love all the beautiful textures and colors mix and matched in her space. As Jeanee shared, she looks for items that are "modern, joyful and bright." There is great natural light in the building that she shares with over 30 other artisans, which makes her little slice of prettiness all the more cozy and inviting. I appreciate that even though there's so much to look at, her space doesn't feel packed to the gills. 

Jeanee started to become more serious with design when she started a blog years ago, but craving something more, she opened Finely Crafed in October, 2012. It's just about 100 square feet of space but it's packed with wonderful home decor items like pillows, tea towels, artwork and dishware. She calculates 75% of the items are handcrafted and they come from all over the map, including Australia. 

I'm loving these animal pillows by Laure Designs of Atlanta...

Jeanee had the idea to collaborate on a project with one of my favorite artists, Leah Duncan of Austin, Texas. Jeanee, "Her botanicals have a joyful nature, like they're dancing. Plus, they're not too scientific." Leah and Jeanee went back and forth on new botanical designs and ended up with these bold and graphically pleasing lovely. Find them at Jeanee's shop or through Leah's site.  

Jeanee just celebrated her one year anniversary in business. Her hunch was right to try something new and exciting, albeit challenging. Jeanee, "I love that this space constantly changes. I get bored easily and it gives me structure for my creativity that I was lacking before." Her online shop goes live at noon today, so even if you're not in Atlanta, you can still check out her favorite picks. Each and every one is thoughtful and enticing...much like a pretty picture. 


Photos: Sweet Peach; Leah Duncan     Content: Sweet Peach

Beth Lord's Favorite Gifts for Gals this Holiday Season...

Beth Lord is the owner of the indie-pendent in Atlanta. It's easily my favorite shop in town. All of the goods in the store are handcrafted with a story to tell. Each item is unique, pretty, colorful and well made. Beth loves to celebrate great artists so I knew she'd be the perfect voice for this year's gift ideas for women. Here's her list...


These perfectly southern votives come via Pigeon Toe Ceramics. They are porcelain casts of a real Mason jar and sell for $36. They can be set on the table or hung from above. Beth, "I like that they're sweet and simple."  


Beth, "I'm obsessed with tea towels so... I have a tea towel problem." I feel her pain as I share her obsession. These beautiful Four Seasons tea towels come via Claudia Pearson and are sold as a set for $52. Beth shares, "Claudia does all the illustrations herself which fits the whole organic theme of my shop. Plus the towels are bright and colorful which I love." These are certain to brighten up any gal's kitchen. 


These incredible jewelry pieces are handcrafted by Meaghan Torbert McCord and are modeled after the floor plans of Basilica architecture. All are made from sterling silver and handcut by Meaghan. Beth carries her necklaces, bracelets and earrings at the indie-pendent. This truly stunning jewelry makes an incredible and unexpected holiday gift. Prices range from $160-$300. 

These unusual candles are the result of a collaboration between Pigeon Toe Ceramics and Angela Sands of Luminology. When the candle is done burning, you are left with this beautiful porcelain dish that can be reused. The other option is to order replacement candles. Beth and I's favorite feature is the wooden wick which crackles when it burns. $44 each. 



Every woman can use a scarf. They're quick and easy and can upgrade an outfit in an instant. These cotton beauties are from ScarfShop and range in price from $15-$60. The scarves are colored by water based dyes, all by hand in small batches. Beth, "They're so versatile and it's nice that they're so lightweight." 


HollyBeth Anderson left her corporate job to create unique and effective skin care products based on traditional homeopathic remedies. Her popular HollyBeth Organics line includes Chamomile Cleanser, Grits & Honey Scrub and Orange Peppermint Shea Butter Cream. Any of her items would make a wonderful gift. ($7-$59) Beth also loves the Saipua Soap shop. Bars include Basil, Lavender Oatmeal, Cedarwood and Mango Butter. Beth's absolute favorite is the Coffee Mint. Handcrafted with an olive oil base, each bar is $10. 



One of the first things you'll notice in Beth's shop are all the colorful, pretty pillows. When I asked why she carries so many pillows, she responded, "Who doesn't love pillows?" I think she's right about that. There's a pillow for every woman here. Leah Duncan, Erin Flett and Looploft are some of the artists she carries and all her pillows range in price from $30-$76.  


These plates are instant conversation pieces. They really are just so pretty. Beth, "I love how intricate the patterns are and I love how Cynthia mixes the different patterns in the dishes- they go so well together." Prices are $30, $50 and $90 for the small, medium and large plates. 

All of these items are available at the indie-pendent, located in the Highlands area of Atlanta. Thank you Beth! 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach. Photo 3: Pigeon Toe Ceramics. Final Photo: Cynthia Vardhan

Leah Duncan

Leah Duncan's work is easy to spot. Her aesthetic is modern, gentle and full of personality, often with a nod to nature. She explains, "I'm very influenced by the natural world. I'm not entirely sure why. I think it's because it's the place I like to go to for my peace and calm." 

Leah began her artistic career as a graphic designer for an advertising firm, then as a screenprinter assistant. Now, she works for herself, creating all manner of goods for the home, including these lovely prints. One of Leah's favorites is I'll Be Your Swan, (bottom right.) As she shares, "It came out organically and felt so natural to make." 

You may best know Leah for her tea towels which seem to keep popping up in the stores I visit. Her work reminds me a bit of Scandanavian design, pretty in its simplicity and color selection. 

See all of Leah's lovely tea towels, which can be functional or displayed as art, here.

I love that Leah also creates pillow covers. Made from linen and cotton, her pillows allow for a 16" x 16" insert which you can find at most fabric stores and I think I've seen some at Target as well. Find all her pretty pillow options here.

When I asked Leah what she hoped her work conveys she responded, "I hope I'm able to share a few viewpoints, some smiles, some quirkiness and a little bit of beauty." She resides in Austin, Texas with, as she states, "my husband, our two cats, our pit mix Oslo, some foster puppies, our vegetable garden and my favorite pajama pants." Sounds just lovely...


Photos: Leah Duncan   Content: Sweet Peach