DIY: The Log Centerpiece

Every time I drive or walk by Laura Iarocci's fantastic shop, Faith Flowers, I feel inspired. She always has the most thoughtful and creative floral creations- like her salvaged log centerpieces filled with fresh and vibrant flowers. I instantly wanted to blog about this latest creation. Luckily, she agreed...

The first step is to find a fallen log (in your backyard or nearby forest) that has interesting bark and a couple large openings. It should also be well proportioned for where it will be displayed. Once you find your perfect log, let it sit in the sun for a bit to rid it of creatures. (from a few weeks to a month) 

The openings in your log, (big enough to put your arm in) are essential, as that is where you will place containers to hold your flowers. To begin, Laura used leftover plastic food bowls and filled them with Oasis floral foam. She then wrapped it in Aspidistra leaves to conceal and placed inside the log. 

She also found a smaller opening where she could place a mason jar filled with water to hold even more flowers...

Once you have your containers set, you can build your mini garden masterpiece. For this log, Laura added pretty ranunculus with color variations from cream to pink to burgandy.

Then she selected flowers to accent those colors, like these beautiful Antique Green Hydrangea. They also work well for this as they dry nicely. 

Laura then grabbed Leucadendrom, one of her favorite stems as it is long lasting and adds interesting texture. As Laura shared, "Leucadendron continues to open for weeks, eventually revealing a pine cone in its center." 

Moss is a great filler and Laura added this where needed...

Lastly, Laura added pink spray roses, which are more delicate but can be easily replaced. 

Laura found inspiration for this log from Gudrun Cotteniere, owner and founder of the largest flower school in Belgium. Gudrun had participated in a workshop with Laura and ever since then, Laura has taken a group once a year to Belgium and the Netherlands to study with her, as well as other designers.

Learn more about Laura's trips, classes and recent floral creations on her site or stop by her lovely shop in the Highlands section of Atlanta. Thank you Laura! 

Laura will be hosting a free demo at our Sweet Peach Revival: Terrarium Building 101 3pm on Saturday, July 6 at the Belly General Store. Please come! Learn more about the Revival here. 

Photos and Content: Sweet Peach


DIY: Soda Can Flowers

A couple months ago, I was buying a teddy bear for my friend's son Daniel at Blabla Kids, when I noticed these gorgeous flowers just next door at a shop called Faith Flowers. I could tell that whoever owned this store was a highly creative person and one who loved the natural world. This flower arrangement immediately caught my eye -which as it turns out, is made from a recycled soda can. 

Owner Laura Iarocci has been arranging flowers for decades and loves every minute of it. Lucky for us, she's agreed to share some of her secrets. To make your own soda can flowers you'll need to first head outside. Pick up whatever is of interest to you, especially pieces of bark, sticks, moss, funghi, lichen... You'll also need a glue gun and scissors. 

Use a pair of scissors to cut a big hole in the top of your can. Next, add glue to the can and to the bark (or your favorite found objects). Then one by one, cover your can. It's okay if there are little gaps here and there...that's the next step. 

Use the smaller objects you have gathered to fill these gaps, such as funghi or moss. I really love the red pepperberries that Laura used, which you can sometimes find at Michael's or at various garden shops. Plus, it adds a great pop of color. 

Once your creation is complete, use the scissors to trim the bottom so your can will sit flat. Then add water...

Next, add fresh flowers from your backyard or floral shop. You can also use dried flowers (or even better, choose flowers and stems that will look great fresh as well as dried) For this can, Laura used Ranunculus, Brezellia and Strelitizia. The final two flowers will last for months and months...

And voila. Such a pretty way to display flowers and also a great way to involve the kids- not only getting them to explore the outdoors, but to gather items from outside that everyone can talk and learn about...and be reminded to care about. 

*Check out Laura's site to see all the creative classes she teaches including how-to terrariums, hand tied bouquets and wedding flowers. 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach