Cookies & Corks

I drink a lot of wine with cheese and bread, but after reading about this business, I realized I may be missing out on something even more tasty. Cookies & Corks is all about pairing our favorite wines with delectable sweet and savory cookies. Their all natural cookies are made with distinctive ingredients, such as apricot, dark chocolate, sea salt, espresso, sage and lemon. Each cookie is meant to complement and enhance your overall flavor experience when combined with the right wine. 

Business savvy entrepreneur, Laura Englander and baker, Leah Kuo are from Falls Church, Virginia. They met at their kids playgroup and quickly found they both shared a lot of the same interests. They realized that together, they may just be able to create something unique and profitable... So far, so good. 

Laura and Leah currently sell three box sets of cookies. One for red wine, the others for white and sparkling. They also sell the cookies individually, based on your favorite flavor. 

For this box of five espresso chocolate peanut butter cookies, ($3) they highly recommend pairing them with a nice Pinot Noir. As Amy Reiley, their cookie sommelier shares, "The cookie's espresso harmonizes with the wine's earthy undertones and the tannins in the cocoa echo the wine's subtle, dusty tannins. As for the peanut butter, when its flavor mingles with the wine's up front berry notes, it tickles the taste buds with the essence of the world's most sophisticated pb&j." I doubt I'd be able to discern all that...but I could tell you if it tastes good. 

All their cookies have recommended wine pairings that sound fun to try. Above is their red wine chart...

It's a great business concept. Plus, I think this could also make a fun DIY project at home. Try making your own cookies and see which flavors enhance your favorite glass of vino. In either case, it's just another reason to have some friends over to drink wine and eat dessert...I'm in! Learn more about Cookies & Corks here, and have a lovely weekend! 


Photos: Cookies and Corks     Content: Sweet Peach